PLO as mining: Zenlink SlotVault will be launched soon, participate in the parachain crowdloan vote for multiple benefits

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4 min readMay 25, 2021


As more and more Polkadot eco-projects announce their PLO plans, the Polkadot slot auction is on the horizon.

Zenlink, as an important member of Polkadot ecosystem, has been closely monitoring the latest progress of PLO. In order to meet the needs of multiple parties, Zenlink developed a smart pool product, Zenlink SlotVault.

Zenlink SlotVault Origins

PLO (Parachain Lease Offerings) is undoubtedly an important milestone for Polkadot, and a major event in which many Polkadot eco-projects, including community members, will participate.

While parachain projects will directly participate in the auction as they need the slots, many other Polkadot-based DApp or Protocol projects, including Zenlink, do not need parachain slots themselves but must be deployed on parachains to be functional, so they must participate in the slots auction more reasonably.

As a result, the Zenlink team has developed the Zenlink SlotVault platform.

Zenlink SlotVault Overview

Zenlink SlotVault is a smart pool product created by Zenlink to support more parachain projects bidding slots and to meet the demand for more non-parachain projects to participate in PLO.

Zenlink SlotVault will allow users to choose the allocation of funds according to the income rate to participate in the crowdloan of parachain projects so as to obtain multiple token benefits from the crowdloan sponsors and their supporting projects. It will encourage more users to participate in parachain projects crowdfunding, which in turn will increase the success rate of parachain project bidding slots.

In particular, Zenlink will provide support for all parachain projects that join Zenlink SlotVault, and airdrop ZLK for all users who lock KSM/DOT through Zenlink SlotVault to support parachain projects in their slots bidding as an additional incentive.

Zenlink SlotVault Highlights

Decentralized and Secure funds

Zenlink SlotVault is a DApp and will also be adapted for mobile and launched as a mobile wallet APP to provide convenience for more Polkadot community members.

At the same time, users voting for parachain projects through Zenlink SlotVault are the same as users voting for parachain projects through Polkadot.js, and their pledged KSM/DOT will go directly to Polkadot’s official crowdloan module and be locked, and it is public and transparent.

This means that users’ funds do not pass through the Zenlink SlotVault platform, guaranteeing the safety of their funds.

PLO is mining and boosting your benefits

Zenlink SlotVault will leverage the Polkadot slot auction to provide more support and attention to Polkadot eco-projects, and also bring additional revenue to users participating in PLO, realizing the effect of participating in PLO as mining.

The more projects choose to become supporters of a parachain project and provide token incentives, the higher the expected token revenue users can receive for voting for that parachain project.

Achieving a win-win situation for all parties in the Polkadot ecosystem

Zenlink SlotVault platform takes into account the interests of crowdloan sponsors (parachain projects), crowdloan supporters (non-parachain projects and parachain projects that have no plans to auction the first slots) and community users in the Polkadot ecosystem, achieving a win-win situation for all parties.

For Crowdloan Sponsors:

Crowdloan Sponsors can get more crowdloan support from projects and users to improve the success rate of slot auctions.

For Crowdloan Supporters:

  • Crowdloan Supporters will indirectly participate in the Polkadot parachain slot auction with the help of Zenlink SlotVault and help themselves to gain more exposure and influence.
  • Promote in-depth cooperation with related parachain projects.
  • Complete initial distribution of partial token.

For users:

  • Zenlink SlotVault will be a great platform for users to learn more about quality Polkadot eco-projects.
  • Users pledging KSM/DOT to support parachain project bidding slots will receive multiple token benefits at the same time, reducing the opportunity cost of participating in PLO.

Zenlink SlotVault Platform Supporters

Zenlink, as the sponsor of the Zenlink SlotVault, will provide a neutral platform for all Polkadot eco-projects and community users to participate in PLO, taking into account and maximizing the interests of all parties. At the same time, Zenlink will also provide support for potential cooperation opportunities between projects within the Polkadot ecosystem, leading to more healthy cooperation and jointly promoting the development of the Polkadot ecosystem.

So far, the projects that have expressed their intention to cooperate include Plasm, Bifrost, ChainX, Crust, Phala, Darwinia, Litentry, Clover, etc.

Zenlink SlotVault is now developed and will go live as soon as the Kusama crowdloan module is opened. We welcome all Polkadot eco-projects to cooperate or join. If your team is interested in Zenlink SlotVault please submit a relevant contact email address,

project official website, project introduction, technical source code, number and proportion of airdropped tokens, pre-registration methods of crowdloans, etc., as application evaluation criteria. Click here to apply

We also welcome investment institutions, media and crypto communities to join us as platform partners.

You will be notified by email within 3 business days after the review. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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