Zenlink Community Guardian Program launched. Participate in the program to win ZLK rewards.

Since the establishment of Zenlink community, we have received a lot of attention and support from our friends. We have been trying to give back to our community members with fulfilling community activities and benefits. To allow more Zenlink supporters to participate in the project's development and construction, we have launched the “Zenlink Community Guardian Program.”

Everyone is welcome to participate in our program, show us what you can do, and earn the opportunity to become a “Community Guardian”!

The “Community Guardian” is a community volunteer who will work with the Zenlink team to build a more desirable community and reap the rewards. Sounds great, but you need to read on to get more information about this program from the following.

What does the community guardian have to do?

  • To stimulate the community atmosphere and lead positive discussions; to maintain the community's normal order and punish or even remove violators.
  • Spread Zenlink’s philosophy and community activities to people to better understand the project and participate in community building.
  • Consciously promote Zenlink and disseminate information about Zenlink through various channels.
  • Participate in the testing of Zenlink products, and give feedback on shortcomings and make suggestions, etc.
  • We hope you can assist the team in translating documents into Chinese and English and independently producing promotional posters and memes, etc.

What are the requirements to become a community guardian?

  • Support Polkadot ecosystem, familiar with Zenlink project and believe in Zenlink’s potential.
  • Patience, good communication skills, and empathy.
  • Have a relatively good amount of time and be able to interact with different crypto communities actively.
  • Have some contacts in the crypto industry who can serve the project/community.

How many community guardians do we need to recruit?

We need to recruit 2 community volunteers for the whole crypto world. The recruitment program for the Chinese community has already started and is not included in this scope.

What can the guardians get in return?

  • Access to a limited number of official Zenlink peripherals.
  • Be the first to know the progress of the project and progress together with the team.
  • ZLK Token Incentive (according to the evaluation of each contributor’s contribution, the contributor will be given a corresponding Token incentive, more work, more pay, the specific incentive rules, and the amount will be formulated to the community’s suggestion).

What is the appraisal mechanism?

  • Before the end of each month, community members will vote anonymously to evaluate the community guardians.
  • There are 3 options: “Satisfied,” “Cheer,” and “Dissatisfied.” If more than half are “dissatisfied,” they are impeached and cannot run for another term for one month; if not, they can be re-elected.
  • If you are impeached twice in a row, you are permanently barred from running for another term.

What if I want to quit?

If you wish to withdraw after being elected as a Community Guardian, you will need to inform us of your intention to withdraw at least 1 week in advance, and you will be able to withdraw at the end of your term. Those who withdraw during their term without cause will be permanently barred from running for Guardian again and receive a reduced portion of the rewards.

Those who voluntarily withdraw for some reason are free to run for subsequent Community Guardians with no cooling-off period.

If you would like to participate in our Community Guardian campaign, please follow us on Twitter and join the Telegram group, then find the owner in the group, just PM him.

About Zenlink

Zenlink is committed to building a new generation cross-chain DEX network. By integrating the Zenlink DEX Module, Zenlink can enable parachains to access DEX capabilities and share liquidity with other parachains quickly; Zenlink DEX aggregator can link all DEX DApps on Polkadot. Users can not only complete the exchange easily and quickly but also enjoy a low slippage transaction experience. ZLK, Zenlink native token, provides a fair and transparent governance mechanism and reasonable value capture methods, which can be used to motivate ecosystem users to participate in network development for a long time.

Zenlink is an important member of the Polkadot ecosystem and is sponsored by the Web3 Foundation. For now, two grants have been delivered successfully.

For more information, please join our community:

Website: https://zenlink.pro/

Whitepaper: https://github.com/zenlinkpro/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zenlinkpro

Medium: https://medium.com/zenlinkpro

Telegram CN:https://t.me/ZenlinkPro_CN

Telegram EN:https://t.me/ZenlinkPro_EN

Wechat Official Account:Zenlink



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