Zenlink DEX Protocol will be Integrated into Shiden and Bifrost Soon | Zenlink Monthly Updates (July 2021)

In July, Zenlink made good progress in product development. The DEX Protocol supplemented and improved the testing and code structure of the contract versions of Module and EVM, and the multi-mode integration also went smoothly. At the same time, the Zenlink testnet was redeployed to prepare for the next round of public testing. In terms of external cooperation, we have been in close contact with our partners and have submitted a new PR (Pull Request) to Shiden and Bifrost.

DEX DApp, based on fully adapting to PolkadotJS, is also compatible with the MetaMask wallet plug-in and optimizes and improves many functions. In addition, Zenlink has also made good progress in partner cooperation and market operation this month.

The following are the details of July updates:

Development Progress

Notes: Zenlink has mainly consisted of two core parts: Zenlink DEX Protocol and DApp. Zenlink Protocol will implement a simple, highly versatile and pluggable DEX Module, which can enable parachains to access DEX capabilities after the Module is deployed on the parachain in a plug-and-pull manner; at the same time, we will also create an efficient DEX dedicated cross-chain protocol to realize the liquidity sharing between the DEX Module on different parachains.

Zenlink DApp is a front-end interactive product based on Zenlink DEX Protocol to facilitate users to use cross-chain DEX without awareness. The development progress will be disclosed around the above two parts.

DEX Protocol

  • Complements the testing and code structure of the contract version of Module and EVM for the defects found in the internal code review. At the same time, the K-value check was strengthened and a new PR was submitted to Shiden and Bifrost.
  • To prepare for the next public testing, the Zenlink testnet has been redeployed. The latest testnet uses the latest code from Kusama Relaychain and each Parachain (Karura/Shiden/MoonRiver).
  • At present, the Zenlink testnet v2.0 is running well. The team deployed both Module and EVM DEX Protocol versions on three different Parachain. In the multi-chain mode, the Relaychain runs stably, and the multi-mode (Module and EVM contract) cooperate well, which further proves the multi-chain adaptability of Zenlink DEX Protocol.
  • Considering some hidden security issues in multi-chain mode, the technical team strengthened the API interface's security and filtered bad information, and added access restrictions.


  • Given the coexistence of two different Zenlink DEX Protocol implementation patterns (Module and EVM), the team sorted out abstract forms such as the Account model and Asset model as a whole to further enhance scalability.
  • To optimize the user experience, Zenlink DEX makes extensive use of the utility.batchAll (bulk Trading) feature to reduce user operations and optimize the one-click trading experience. Users only need to switch transaction pairs simply to complete the operation in a variety of DEX implementation modes without perception.
  • Due to the heterogeneous composability of the Polkadot network, some Parachain supports both Substrate runtime and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), so Zenlink perfectly adapts the MetaMask plug-in (Ethereum Wallet) based on fully adapting to the PolkadotJS plug-in wallet.
  • Complete the “create trading pair “ function. Users will be able to search and select assets, create and add liquidity.
  • Complete the “add unilateral liquidity” function. Users only need to hold either of the two assets in the liquidity pool, that is, they can add assets into the liquidity pool.
  • Complete the optimization of “transaction progress interaction”. The details of the process of each transaction can be clearly displayed so that users can keep abreast of the flow of funds at any time.
  • Add the “User Terms of Service” function to enable users to carefully and comprehensively view the details of services provided by Zenlink.


Since the establishment of the Zenlink project, the connotation of the project has been continuously enriched, so the official website page has been redesigned as a whole. At present, the new version of the official website has been launched, which more clearly and accurately shows the value of the Zenlink brand and the progress of the project.

Ecological cooperation progress

On July 14, Zenlink reached a strategic partnership with Polkadot Layer2 parachain MathChain, which will focus on DeFi applications on Polkadot Layer2 and cross-chain asset transactions between parachains.

Community/promotion progress

This section contains the progress of community building and branding activities, etc.

Community building progress

Branding Activities

On July 22, Guo Tao, head of Zenlink China, was invited to participate in the Polkadot&friends Meetup co-sponsored by PolkaWorld, Web3 Foundation, and Parity, and attended a fireside conversation with Patract Labs founder Lipeng on the theme “Polkadot’s Multi-chain Future”.

About Zenlink

Zenlink is an underlying cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot and is committed to becoming the DEX composable hub of Polkadot. By accessing the ultimate, open, and universal cross-chain DEX protocol based on Substrate, Zenlink DEX Protocol enables all parachains to build DEX and achieve liquidity sharing in one click. Zenlink DEX Protocol includes Module, WSAM, and EVM implementations, which are flexible and adaptable, allowing for customizable compositions and interoperability with different DeFi modules.

In addition, the Zenlink DEX Aggregator connects all DEX DApps on Polkadot and aggregates liquidity, providing a low slippage trading experience for users. Zenlink DEX Composable Hub enables developers to access the Zenlink DEX Module to build their own unique DEXs, forming a DEX composable hub for the Polkadot ecosystem. Currently, Zenlink has received 2 rounds of Web3 Foundation Grants and investments from several well-known institutions.

Learn more about Zenlink

📍 — Website | Twitter| Github | Telegram EN | Telegram CN | Announcements Channel

📚 — Whitepaper



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Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.