Zenlink FAQ

With Rococo V1 already online and Polkadot Lease Offering (PLO) upcoming, Zenlink as a cross-chain DEX network based on Polkadot has made good progress in product and cooperation. To give the community a more comprehensive understanding of Zenlink, we have compiled this FAQ, hoping to help the community members.

Zenlink is committed to building a new generation cross-chain DEX network. By integrating the Zenlink DEX Module, Zenlink can enable parachains to quickly access DEX capabilities and share liquidity with other parachains; Zenlink DEX aggregator can link all DEX dApps on Polkadot. Users can not only complete the exchange easily and quickly but also enjoy a low slippage transaction experience.

Zenlink mainly consists of two parts: Zenlink DEX Protocol and the DEX dApp building on top of it. As for the DEX Protocol, we will build a general and pluggable DEX Module that allows different parachains to have DEX capabilities simply by one-click. Meanwhile, we will also create an efficient DEX-specific cross-chain protocol to share the liquidity of DEX Modules on different parachains. Zenlink DEX dApp is a front-end interactive product based on the DEX Protocol to facilitate users to use our cross-chain DEX smoothly and easily.

Zenlink will launch its mainnet based on the development progress of the Polkadot Lease Offering (PLO) and is estimated to publish a beta product for community testing during the auctions on Kusama.

Zenlink native token ZLK provides a fair and transparent governance mechanism and reasonable value capture methods to incentivize ecosystem users to participate in long-term network development. The total supply of ZLK is 100 million. Currently, there are not any sale plans. You can follow our official Twitter account: @ZenlinkPro to get the latest news.

Zenlink has received an angel investment led by Hashkey in September 2020. We plan to complete another Series A round of funding to develop further the project, which will be primarily targeting institutional investors. We have no plans to raise funds other than those necessary to support the project’s development, so we do not plan to conduct another public sale and consider a more equitable way to distribute our tokens, such as liquidity mining.

There are several ways to get ZLK:

  • Participate in the giveaway events launched by Zenlink and its partners. Zenlink has already launched several giveaway events till now, and the winners will receive ZLK rewards after the mainnet of Zenlink is launched.
  • Lock DOT/KSM to support Zenlink’s partners to participate in PLO. Zenlink plans to allocate some ZLK to support our partners to bid for PLO and airdrop ZLK to users who support our partners. More details for this will be published before the launch of PLO.
  • Participate in ZLK liquidity mining. Zenlink plans to initiate its liquidity mining after the product launch, and users can get ZLK rewards by providing liquidity to Zenlink DEX network.
  • Join Zenlink DAO governance organization at a later stage. Zenlink plans to establish a DAO organization to participate in the project governance deeply. Members of the DAO organization can initiate proposals to Zenlink’s development plan and also participate in ZLK liquidity mining at an early stage.
  • Buy ZLK in the secondary market when it gets listed on exchanges.

Yes. You can find the latest news via Zenlink WeChat account, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, so, please stay tuned!

We will establish cooperation with several wallets before the mainnet launch and first announce it to the community. Please stay tuned.

Zenlink plans to launch a beta testing event before the official launch of the product. Details have not yet been finalized and will be announced when they are.

Zenlink is not a parachain project and will not need to participate in upcoming parachain slot auctions. By integrating the Zenlink DEX Module, Zenlink can enable parachains to access DEX capabilities and share liquidity with other parachains quickly. So the access to Rococo V1 together with other parachain projects is mainly for testing our products in a better way.

After the official launch of Zenlink mainnet, we will release the liquidity mining tutorial before starting the mining campaign.

The Zenlink team is currently mainly distributed in China and Singapore. All team members have many years of experience in the blockchain industry. Its core members are from imToken and are also early supporters of Polkadot. The team is currently expanding its members from the United States, Australia and Europe, and is committed to building an international team and expanding its global influence.

You can learn more about Zenlink through the following channels:

Official website: https://zenlink.pro/

Whitepaper: https://github.com/zenlinkpro/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro

Medium: https://medium.com/zenlinkPro

Telegram (English): https://t.me/ZenlinkPro_EN

Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/ZenlinkPro_CN

WeChat Official Account: Zenlink



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