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Zenlink Roadmap Goals for 2023

  • Make Zenlink a market-leading DEX obsessively focused on users on Polkadot and beyond.
  • Release Zenlink Deployment Kits for a more decentralized organizational structure and more friendly Parachain integration.
  • Release Zenlink Mega Aggregator, increasing swap volumes & fees.
  • Launch governance (along with new tokenomics) and optimize community engagement eco-building.
  • Launch Zenlink Incubator.

You can check out the Zenlink roadmap here: https://zenlink.pro/

Strengthen the Positioning of Infrastructure

We have always emphasized that Zenlink is an underlying cross-chain DEX protocol that provides developers (Parachain team, etc.) with an easy-to-integrate SDK and users with an easy-to-use DEX. Our goal is to be the leading DEX in the Polkadot ecosystem and even in the overall market by improving our product stack, offering features, etc. that provide a solid foundation to support innovation, such as the Zenlink Deployment Kits coming in Q1 and more Parachian integrations are underway, we will continue to embrace the next era of crypto users with a community-driven DEX approach.

We will practice the principles of decentralization to achieve self-regulation, permissionless transactions, and fair governance. Ultimately, we will strive to provide users with deep liquidity, optimal pricing, sustainable tokenomics, and an easy-to-use platform that keeps the community at the forefront of everything we build.

Aggregate The World

Aggregator has always been in our plans, so we are committed to building Zenlink Mega Aggregator and using it to enter the DEX aggregation business in the Q2 of 2023. We believe aggregation helps provide the best user experience by offering services at the best price.

Today, Zenlink has completed its initial multi-chain deployment strategy. With Zenlink Mega Aggregator, we will be able to aggregate DEXes across Moonriver Network, Moonbeam Network, Astar Network, and more networks. Through exclusive routing design and order splitting, we will build deeper liquidity and allow users to benefit from every transaction.

At the same time, the new APP site will be activated and the mobile will be fully enabled after this, which is a much cleaner page to provide the most intuitive and convenient experience for the user, culminating in a complete revamp focused on scalability and sustainability.

Become Sustainable

In the previous model, many dependencies had been added to Zenlink, making the entire project largely dependent on the founding team, so we redesigned our product architecture and stack to facilitate collaborative building between the team and the outside (including the community).

First, we developed Zenlink Deployment Kits, which is an open-source development kit that allows developers and the community to integrate Zenlink DEX Protocol more flexibly and autonomously, which will facilitate deeper integration with our network partners, allowing them to integrate and use Zenlink DEX equitably and help us become the new token launch exchange of choice. Second, we have improved our product stack to focus on aggregation to scale exchange volumes. Third, we continue to make protocol revenue (transaction fees, etc.) play a bigger role, with buybacks and burns always in the works. It is important to note that we are independent of this revenue to keep our team operating and we have sufficient reserves to ensure that Zenlink continues to grow for years to come without market impact.

Currently, Zenlink remains a competitive DEX in the Polkadot ecosystem and by executing our vision, we will continue to grow our market share.

Launch Governance

Regarding governance, we have previously disclosed within the community that we have developed a governance system, but no further details have been released, and it still needs to be adjusted to fit our updated business system as things change. We know we can’t move forward better without the support of the community, and since entering the bear market the team is still working hard on development and looking forward to returning to the public with a fresh look, and the governance system is an important part of the community engagement build, we don’t want to rush the launch but bring it to you when everything is ready and really make it work.

What can be revealed is that the governance system may involve tweaks and optimizations to Zenlink tokenomics, which remains our goal, so stay tuned!

Ecosystem Incubation

Zenlink Incubator is Zenlink’s upcoming eco-incubator that will fund independent projects to support the ecosystem. We have an ambitious team and supportive users, and the Web3 infrastructure still needs more people to get involved, so we hope that while we focus on Zenlink DEX Protocol development we can also help more talented people and teams to expand DeFi and more Web3 infrastructure.

This initiative will help elevate the Zenlink brand and leverage it to reach more users, which is our vision, and this is being done incrementally.

Look Ahead

Almost 3 years since we launched Zenlink in 2020 and never gave up, we now want to bring Zenlink to life by repositioning and executing the above vision. We’re building it for you and need your feedback and support, so we hope more of you will join us.

2023 will be a crucial year for us, and we are ready to go!

Welcome to join us:

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