Zenlink Monthly Updates (August 2022)

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3 min readSep 5, 2022



The new Zenlink Monthly Updates is out! Covering August 2022 of all things Zenlink.

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Technology/Product Progress

Notes: Zenlink mainly consists of two core parts: Zenlink DEX Protocol and DApp. Zenlink DEX Protocol is the underlying unified and universal cross-chain DEX Protocol, enabling parachains to have DEX functionality and quickly share liquidity with other parachains. Zenlink DEX Protocol includes Module, WASM, and EVM implementations, which are flexible and adaptable, allowing for customizable compositions and interoperability with different DeFi modules.

Zenlink DApp is an interactive front-end product based on Zenlink DEX Protocol to facilitate users using cross-chain DEX without awareness.

DEX Protocol & DEX DApp

  • The Zenlink Stable AMM Protocol (Substrate version) has been audited by PeckShield and the audit report has been released: https://github.com/zenlinkpro/zenlink-security-audit
  • The Zenlink Standard AMM Protocol (EVM version) on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks has been upgraded and the “One Click Liquidity Migration” feature has been enabled.
  • Zenlink Governance Function:

a) The EVM-related contracts have been completed and are now deployed to the testnet for validation testing.

b) The Substrate module is under development.

c) The UI&UX of the DApp has been finalized.

  • We are working with Subsquid to build Zenlink’s full-chain data index, which has a complete technical solution and can quickly synchronize blocks and support all parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • We are building the Polkadot ecosystem’s first native XCM-based DEX cross-chain exchange use case. The draft technology has been submitted to Moonbeam, Astar, and Bifrost for discussion.

Community News & Branding Events

Community News

Branding Events

  • On August 2, Zenlink community ambassador yoshida2 was invited to the Astar & Polkadot regular meeting#13 organized by Astar Japan community and shared the latest progress about Zenlink.
  • On September 1, Zenlink was invited to participate in the Polkadot community online meetup hosted by PolkaWorld with projects Moonbeam, Bifrost, Phala, Manta, Gear, and more.

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Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.