Zenlink Monthly Updates (May-June 2022)


The Zenlink Monthly Updates (May-June 2022) is out! Covering May and June 2022 of all things Zenlink.

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Technology/Product progress

Notes: Zenlink mainly consists of two core parts: Zenlink DEX Protocol and DApp. Zenlink DEX Protocol is the underlying unified and universal cross-chain DEX Protocol, which enables parachains to quickly have DEX functionality and share liquidity with other parachains. Zenlink DEX Protocol includes Module, WASM, and EVM implementations, which are flexible and adaptable, allowing for customizable compositions and interoperability with different DeFi modules.

Zenlink DApp is a front-end interactive product based on Zenlink DEX Protocol to facilitate users using cross-chain DEX without awareness.

DEX Protocol & DEX DApp

  • Hybrid AMM (EVM version) is officially launched on the Moonriver and Moonbeam networks! With Smart Route, we provide users with the optimal transaction path.
  • Zenlink SDK is officially released! Developers and professional market makers can build their own trading systems with the full functionality of the Zenlink SDK.
  • The development of Stable AMM (Substrate version) is progressing steadily. When completed, it will greatly improve the native trading experience in the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • The team is in the process of deploying the DEX family of contracts on the Astar network and will officially launch on the Astar network soon.
  • The team has made adjustments to the current multi-chain integration model of the Zenlink DEX DApp.

Community News

  • X-Transfer supports the cross-chain transfer of DOT from Polkadot relay chain to Moonbeam with access and uses as xcDOT on Moonbeam, GLMR/xcDOT farming activities are ongoing.
  • Posted a video tutorial on “How to Supply xcKSM and MOVR to Zenlink”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMWPcqDMDFA
  • The Invite to Earn campaign was suspended on May 13, after which the 10% of transaction fee revenue that should have gone into the Invite to Earn incentive will be retained and used as the community decides through governance.
  • Launched a community feedback campaign on Zenlink UI/UX, details of the campaign: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1526880317671624704?s=20&t=wPS-Jswdd_DBwlYkam7ULw
  • Zenlink Hybrid AMM smart contract successfully passed PeckShield’s security audit and went live on May 31, and the first 4pool standard on Dotsama went live on the Moonriver & Moonbeam networks. Check out the details and participate in the Stable farm here: https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake
  • X-Transfer has added cross-chain asset transfer support for ACA (xcACA), aUSD (xcAUSD) between the Acala network and Moonbeam network, and KMA (xcKMA) between the Calamari network and Moonriver network.
  • Listing $vKSM/KSM on the Bifrost network and initiating LP Farming, which allows users to stake KSM on the Bifrost network to mint vKSM to earn approximately 22% of the base APY and then participate in vKSM/KSM LP Farming on Zenlink to earn $BNC + $ZLK rewards.
  • SubBridge, powered by the Phala network, has been launched and now supports cross-chain transfers of ZLK between the Bifrost network and Moonriver network, as well as ZLK, BNC, and PHA tokens between the Bifrost network and Khala network.
  • The team is working on the integration of Zenlink with the Astar network and has submitted a Builders Program application in the Astar forum, which has been approved by the Astar community, and the Zenlink testnet has landed on the Astar network and will be officially launched on the Astar network soon.
  • Post a community poll to discuss whether Zenlink should continue with the current centralized UI to display data on all integrated parachains or use the separate display of data on each parachain, details: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1541350150609960963?s=20&t=wPS-Jswdd_DBwlYkam7ULw

Branding Events

  • On May 5, Zenlink was invited to participate in an online live broadcast hosted by the Moonbeam team with the theme of “The Big Unlock”, together with the projects Lido, Moonwell, and Solarbeam, watch the replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZa05RrUnZk
  • On May 18th, Leo Guo, the core contributor of Zenlink, participated in the Moonbeam Eco Talk AMA — Zenlink’s Polkadot Road Trip at Moonbeam Chinese Community.
  • On June 10, Zenlink core contributor Leo Guo conducted the first community AMA in the Zenlink Discord community, check out the AMA recap compiled by community members: https://twitter.com/KufrayOne/status/1541011930848141319?s=20&t=wPS-Jswdd_DBwlYkam7ULw
  • On June 29–30, Zenlink participated in the Polkadot Decoded Hangzhou offline event, where Zenlink core contributor Leo Guo gave a talk on “How to build the best cross-chain DEX protocol for Polkadot”.

Although the market is tough we will keep building as always, we are hiring Lead Community Manager/User Growth and Head of Marketing, check for more information and apply:

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Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.