Zenlink Monthly Updates (September 2022)


Technology/Product Progress

DEX Protocol & DEX DApp

  • Zenlink Stable AMM Protocol (Substrate version) will be officially added to the network in the next runtime update of Bifrost.
  • The DApp and Smart Order Router have been connected to the Zenlink Stable AMM Protocol (Substrate version), which is in final testing on the testnet.
  • Zenlink Governance Functions:
    a. UI&UX is ready for interaction with the EVM contract.
    b. The Substrate module is 80% complete.
    c. ZLK Governance SDK is a unified data processing toolkit for the entire Zenlink Governance module, which will be open-sourced when the governance functionality is released.
  • We are also moving forward with the development of the refactoring of Zenlink DEX WASM (Gear version). Gear is an advanced WASM-based smart contract platform that can be deployed as a Kusama and Polkadot parachain, and whose excellent concurrency model will open up new possibilities for the contract ecosystem.
  • Shiden’s native token SDN (xcSDN) has been integrated into X-Transfer for cross-chain transfers between Shiden and Moonriver.

Community News

  • Releases a report on liquidity migration following the Zenlink DEX contract upgrade and urges community members who have not yet done so to complete the migration as soon as possible to improve funds utilization.
  • Zenlink farms (Astar version and Moonriver version) are listed on YieldBay, and users can go to yieldbay.io to view and participate in the top farms on Zenlink.
  • The 4th ZLK buyback and burn is underway and details are expected to be released in early October.
  • The Zenlink community team was invited to participate in the Equilibrium closed beta.
  • The native USDT is now live on Moonbeam, and we will soon integrate it into Zenlink X-Transfer, making it easy for users to transfer USDT from Statemint to the Moonbeam network.



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Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.