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How to keep progress after starting a side-project

Side-projects are never a priority. Do you remember those internal tools, book clubs, podcasts, blogs or health routines that were never done?

After those energetic starts, use these 4 steps to prepare a shared-place and ensure progress:

  1. Create a single-source-of-truth for knowledge and activities. Use a Wiki and Kanban apps.
  2. Set recurrent reviews and block execution times. Use a shared calendar and a task focus app.
  3. Prepare agendas with expected outcome and track tasks with a person and deadline assigned.
  4. Build relationships instead of transactions and ensure points of contact per topic. Use a simple personal CRM and schedule 1:1s with every person in your team.

Notion has a wide community with tips and free templates for every step:

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Short-form stories about productivity, strategy and communication skills.

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J. Antonio Avalos

J. Antonio Avalos

Product Manager & Certified UX Architect. I write about productivity, strategy and communication skills for creatives | jantonioavalos.com

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