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New year, new goals and no time to waste in books

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Highlighting books is a waste of time. Even if you are an active reader, you forget those mind-blowing insights from the book you read 2 weeks ago. And that’s ok. Instead of reading faster you should focus on your learning system… Read more · 1 min read

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Tools of the week

  • Readwise — Collect your blogs and books highlights and notes
  • Kindle — Read, highlight and write notes in ebooks and documents
  • Pocket — Collect, read and listen to your selected posts and pages
  • Notion — Knowledge management and productivity tools in one app




Short-form stories about productivity, strategy and communication skills.

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J. Antonio Avalos

J. Antonio Avalos

Product Manager & Certified UX Architect. I write about productivity, strategy and communication skills for creatives | jantonioavalos.com

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