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The more ways you can represent a problem, the more perspectives you get to solve it

Here are some diagrams you can use to frame a problem from different angles:

  • Block diagrams to illustrate concepts built by objects, their attributes and interrelationships.
  • Flow diagrams to describe the steps on a process, their connections and flow conditions.
  • Venn diagrams to highlight how different concepts or objects relate or connect.
  • Hierarchy diagrams to draw the relation between people, places and concepts.
  • Mind maps illustrates the connections between concepts, objects, ideas, channels, people, and places within a particular context.

More tools and a whole process explained at:

 by the author.




Short-form stories about productivity, strategy and communication skills.

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J. Antonio Avalos

J. Antonio Avalos

Product Manager & Certified UX Architect. I write about productivity, strategy and communication skills for creatives | jantonioavalos.com

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