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Why persona profiles improve teams communication

Sure, personas are not accurate. And they could be a waste of time when over-designed. But that’s not the point. They are research artifacts to among teams.

Using personas help teams to:

  • on real needs according certain customer journeys.
  • in terms of a third person’s goals. “Does this design meet the persona needs?” sounds more productive than “Can we make this bigger?” or “Will this provide more conversions?”.
  • so you can test, verify and rethink solutions, instead of wasting time on polishing features before the release.

Remember, you’re not designing for an imaginary friend. That’s why customers buy your product, they don’t care about the company or team’s methodologies.



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J. Antonio Avalos

Product Manager & Certified UX Architect. I write about productivity, strategy and communication skills for creatives | jantonioavalos.com