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Oct 24 · 4 min read

Today we are excited to finally release our Whitepaper in anticipation of our rapidly approaching launch, link at the bottom of the article. As such we wanted to do a quick rapid fire interview with our founders for a look at how much work has gone into getting us to stage and what is coming in the near future for Zentoshi.

Who are you?

Michael — My name is Michael. I am the CEO of Zentoshi and am the man who formulated our vision as a blockchain organization. I have a background in IT starting from when I was just 13 and started my own internet services company which grew to be a leader in MineCraft game server hosting as a #1 host. We have since shuttered that organization but I continued my technology career working with companies like Microsoft where I grew a lot as a leader over my 3 years there and had a lot of fun in my time there.

Jonathan — My name is Jonathan. I’m a student, a teacher, a COO, a volunteer, I have taken many roles before but above all, I am but a man that seeks to see the crypto world set right.

How did Zentoshi come about?

Michael — I started crafting Zentoshi’s vision near the end of 2017 when all I could see were cryptocurrency projects that seemed to be complete copies of each other, even their whitepapers were the same. Since 2009 when I first got involved in Bitcoin, I have been waiting for someone to do something exciting with crypto and not just create a coin “that replaces Bitcoin” but is really just a copy of Bitcoin, DASH, PIVX, etc. You get the idea. After waiting and not seeing what I have been dreaming for in a cryptocurrency, I decided to create something that actually betters the blockchain industry and furthers its use across the industry. This while bringing it into the mainstream. I have so many ideas of what we can do to achieve this mission, but we need to start small in a manageable way as we are not an ICO project with millions of dollars in funding.

Jonathan — Zentoshi came about when Mike and I aligned our goals, we had just came out of a previous project whose shadow owner repulsively destroyed it due to his childish ego leaving hundreds of investors empty handed. We’ve been part of so many projects we were sick of it, we collected the best of all our contacts and became Zentoshi.

What is the goal of Zentoshi?

Michael — Our goal as an organization is to set a new standard for cryptocurrency projects. We have witnessed so much during the years leading to now that should have landed many in jail cells. We are here to develop new technologies and use-cases for blockchain, furthering the technology rather than waiting in stagnation for the next moon –that’s right moon boys… we are a real company, with real technology done the right way. We are creating an organization that is crypto-recession proof through the micro-economy we have built around our microcosm. Think of it this way; our users buy a service by purchasing coins on our markets, and those coins are used to pay operators for the services being utilized across our network, and those operators sell those coins back to the markets in a cycle. This in itself is the creation of an internet economy within our Zentoshi microcosm that should keep our value stable and dependent on demand and growth of our business. What this means to our user’s is that as our business grows our coin value and market cap will grow with it. Our goal is to operate an open and diverse organization that promotes the usage of our utility and is enabled by our unique technologies.

Jonathan — Our goal is bringing the business professionalism and ethics we learned through our years of owning businesses to this cryptosphere. We want to set the standard with Zentoshi, show people what a real project looks like, no scams, no dreams, just real substance, everything prepared before even going live or asking for a dollar out of anyone. Put forth with our very own money and savings, we show you we believe in the project instead of using other’s. This isn’t an ICO, this is a business you are getting involved in.

What can we expect in the run up to launch?

Michael — You can expect our whole team working tirelessly to hit our deadlines for launch. We have been working for more than a year to do this launch the right way, with a business in place, a coin that is built from the ground up from the latest version of Bitcoin, and a hosting platform we have been operating since 2018. We are not your typical cryptocurrency, nor are we your typical business. We are operating in a landscape that should be about innovation and improving on the already proven technologies which is what we are doing and implementing up to and past our launch.

Jonathan — What you can expect from us in the run up to launch is a team tirelessly working to provide everything for you. A business, a platform, a coin with technology never seen before pushing the frontier of cutting edge in cryptocurrency, and a community with a team ready to serve you. What you can expect is welcoming arms, ready to call you Zentopians.

You can find our Whitepaper on the links below:

High Quality (222MB) — https://zentoshi.com/media/Zentoshi-Whitepaper.pdf

Standard Quality (3MB) — https://www.zentoshi.com/media/Zentoshi-Whitepaper-SD.pdf

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Zentoshi Official

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Official Zentoshi Page

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