Introducing Zentry: The Metagame Layer

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4 min readApr 23, 2024


Gaming Beyond Entertainment

We live in the world of gamers. In 2023, the global gaming community surpassed 3.3 billion individuals, representing over 40% of the global population. This vast audience engages with gaming for myriad reasons, driven by their personal interests, playstyles, and demographics. Far transcending mere entertainment, gaming has become an integral part of our daily lives, molding identities, influencing culture, and defining lifestyles.

As people dive into the realms of gaming, they dedicate immense hours and resources, achieving significant feats. Yet, none of these efforts translate between games, let alone extend beyond the digital realm. Valuable data and revenue are harvested by corporations, leaving the true creators of this wealth — the gamers — without the reward they deserve.

Zentry will change that. We are pioneering a new paradigm — the Play Economy — where every play, every victory and every moment not only enriches your gaming legacy but also benefits your real-world self, empowering gamers like never before.

The convergence of physical and digital is already underway. The Play Economy emerges as a natural extension of this phenomenon, promising new dimensions of play, fostering unparalleled opportunities.

The Metagame Layer to Unify All of Gaming

Enter Zentry, the Metagame Layer built to brings the MMORPG experience to real life. It is “the game of games” that ushers the world’s three billion gamers into a unified Play Economy across digital and physical realms.

The Metagame Layer is seamlessly integrating loyalty systems, gamer identities, and cross-world activities from countless games and platforms, turning every aspect of our lives into part of a vast, interconnected game.

Here, everyone can forge a lifelong, dynamic avatar profile that evolves in status, uniqueness and real wealth through their play across various ecosystems.

We are introducing the world’s first and largest shared adventure where diverse communities — from hardcore gamers to casual players, from investors to NFT collectors — each playing a unique role in this vast universe, and accruing rewards that resonate with their lifestyles.

“Imagine a game of games, one profile, expansive rewards, multiversal IPs, and vast gaming activities.”

What if your victories in those online battles, nailing 100 headshots in your favorite FPS, or even crushing your fitness goals could earn you rare items and crafting materials for Zentry, which could then be exchanged for tokens or even offer real-world rewards?

What if taking three of your friends to five days of coffee runs unlocks exclusive NFTs that supercharge your DeFi staking?

The possibilities are boundless. Your character progression in Zentry not only gives you a power-up across the Web3 ecosystem but can also make your other favorite games even more legendary.

The Zentry Ecosystem Explained

Zentry is a gaming universe that extends beyond a typical DAO, featuring a story-driven and evolving product ecosystem, aiming to transform lives with the Metagame Layer.

This Metagame Layer comprises three vertically integrated cores: the underlying blockchain infrastructure bridging Web2 and Web3 data encompassing identity, asset, and activity; a suite of targeted consumer apps designed to onboard various player segments; a multiversal IP world that deepens engagement through compelling narratives and collaborative IP partnerships. Together, these form an open universe enriched with endless content and experiences, accelerated by our robust treasury, which holds over $100 million earmarked for strategic expansion and for fueling ecosystem incentives.

Web3 and crypto are the superhighways for attention and social coordination. The rollout of our Superlayer will not only supercharge these channels but also redefine how attention is harnessed and monetized across communities worldwide.

Zentry will become the new foundational layer for the Play Economy, where player networks, AI and Web3 are fully integrated, ultimately emerging as the leading distributor in gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle of the new era.

The Future of Play Awaits


The year 2024 is pivotal. It marks the birth of Zentry — a new, expansive universe to collaboratively build upon. With the upcoming launch of our flagship products and strategic alliances across the Web2 and Web3 gaming landscape, we’re not just setting the stage; we’re inviting everyone to thrive in the emerging era of Play Economy powered by Zentry.

The New Token

Gear up and ready your tokens, as we prepare to transition you into the new world with the launch of a token migration. This event is schedule on the 25th April 2024; rest assured, a migration guide will be provided.

The original GuildFi token ($GF) will be converted to the new Zentry token ($ZENT) in a 1-for-10 split.

This will enhance the community’s experience and expand the range of utilities within the Zentry ecosystem.

Let’s embark on this grand adventure together. The future of play is here… it’s vibrant, interconnected, and waiting for you at Zentry.

Are you ready to jump into the new chapter? awaits.

Arise, Zentarians.

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