Welcome NEXUS: Zentry’s Social Gateway

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3 min readMay 8, 2024


As the digital world evolves and our lives become increasingly intertwined with it, so does the way we interact and increasingly engage with content online. Welcome to Nexus, Zentry’s Social Gateway opening the doors towards the Play Economy and transforming your social interactions into an immersive gaming experience.

Nexus has been conceived with the community in mind; rewarding Nexus Shards for each social interaction such as, but not limited to, likes, comments, replies, retweets on X with tangible rewards. We encourage the community to share thoughts and interactions on what they are passionate about. Each and every contribution is valued, recognized and rewarded fairly.

Follow this easy guide here to join Nexus and be rewarded for your interactions.

Getting Started

Getting started on your Nexus journey is easy. Here’s how:

Step 1 — Connect your X Account

Start by connecting your X account to Nexus. Go to our Nexus’ website and click on the “Connect” button. A popup will show up asking you to sign in to X to link your account.

Step 2 — Enter your Referral Code

To gain entry into the Nexus experience, you need to put in a referral code. This code is essential and must be entered during your initial setup process.

Step 3 — Enter Nexus

After your account is connected and your code is in, you’re ready to enter Nexus.

Overview of the Nexus Landing Page

When you enter Nexus, you’ll see the Nexus Landing Page. This dashboard is where you can see your rank in relation to other participants, with a leaderboard on the right. The top left panel showcases your total shards points tally and level, and right below, various activations you can do on X to increase them.

Gameplay Overview

Now that you’re in, here are the various ways you can start earning Nexus Shards and levelling your Relic through your organic interactions on X:

Creating Content:

  • Tag @Zentry
  • Include “Zentry” keyword
  • Use cashtag $ZENT for token mentions
  • Include the hashtag #zentry

Interactions: Receive Nexus Shards by interacting with tweets that use these tags or mention the official account.

Bonus Nexus Shards:

  • Earn big bonuses on Nexus Shards for posts and tweets liked by @Zentry.
  • Periodically, CTs, missions, or events will help you gain extra Nexus Shards that could be unrelated to Zentry.

Restrictions: No botting or spamming — violations lead to Shard loss or ban.

Quality Matters!: Levels and Nexus Shards do not directly translate to rewards, however producing quality content will give you the upper hand in Nexus.


To enter Nexus, each participant is required to enter in a referral code. Once activated inside, you yourself will receive 5 one-time referral codes (10% bonus) and 1 unlimited-use referral code (8% bonus).

When your referees earn Nexus Shards, you gain a percent portion of their earnings based on the referral code used. For example, if your referee earns 100 Nexus Shards, you receive 10 if they’ve used your one-time 10% referral code.

We’re only in Pre-season.

In this pre-season, we keep it simple.

As you go on this exciting journey into the world of Zentry, we encourage you to enjoy interacting alongside fellow Zentarians. Your voice is important, and your activities will be rewarded.

This is only the beta. The Pre-season is heating up. Your time is now.

Stay tuned.