Welcome to the ZenyPass blog

ZenyPass is a web application that allows everyone to better protect their personal or business data, making it easier to use complex and different passwords for each website, while simplifying connection to those websites. The password pain is over, you’ll only have one password to remember, to access all the others, and connect more easily.

News and tutorials to learn how to use ZenyPass.

This blog has two sections:

  • News: to share news and features of the application, and the life and evolutions of ZenyWay, the team behind ZenyPass.
  • Help: for best practices to use ZenyPass, with simple and illustrated articles, explaining step by step how to manage your passwords, and make the most out of the application.

But to start with, why ZenyPass?

To simplify and secure everyone’s online life

ZenyPass was born from the desire of its two creators to provide easy to use solutions, to facilitate and secure everyone’s online life. The use of new technologies has become commonplace. But unfortunately, this evolution is also coming with new risks, such as those related to the protection of online data.

Protection of personal data is a fundamental right” — Article 1 of the Joint Declaration of the European Data Protection Authorities — November 25th, 2014

The motivation behind ZenyPass is to make data protection accessible to everyone. It is now a fundamental right, according to the declaration of the European Data Protection Authorities on November 25th, 2014, but it is still necessary to give the means to all Internet users to protect themselves.

The first step is the web application ZenyPass, a secure solution to:

  • store user passwords and make them available from all their devices,
  • facilitate the use of strong and different passwords for each site,
  • simplify the connection to each of these sites.

The application creates a personal and fully encrypted digital safe for each of its users, guaranteeing confidentiality of the data stored, and improving the personal data protection.

ZenyPass will be available in a few weeks, but you can follow this blog from now on, to receive the latest information about the public launch and about best practices to use the application.

The ZenyWay team

You want to know more about ZenyPass? Go to the ZenyWay website or the ZenyPass Facebook page!