Listings on TOP exchanges

Official announcements about listings on crypto exchanges


ZEON Network has listed on IDEX in the winter of 2018. 
Because of questions we need to make an official announcement of listing.
IDEX has more users’ activity than several TOP 50 crypto exchanges. 
As a community driven project we support decentralized exchanges like Waves, Kyber Network, Switcheo and Binance DEX.

IDEX is an Ethereum and ERC20 token decentralized exchange offering real-time trading and high transaction throughput. 
IDEX allows users to manage their private keys and trade in a secure P2P environment. 
Metamask integration is supported which offers a safe alternative to centralized exchange.

Trading pairs:

WBTC — the first ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. WBTC uses a transparent, 100% verifiable custodial, issuance and governance system to bring Bitcoin liquidity to the broader Ethereum-based decentralized ecosystem.

If you have no experience of trading on IDEX,please, follow instruction


ZEON Network got listed on TOP20 exchanges by Coinmarketcap —
We appreciate users’ support who took part into our referral program on
ZEON team officially announce that more than 2000 ZEON users made a registration by referral url on and more than 700 users passed KYC verification. 
Thank you for support.

Please, remember that a registration for users who got free tokens on,, Binance by our referral url is mandatory. More information: Medium blog «ZEON AirDrop Instruction». Trading pairs:

To celebrate a new listing we give free codes of ZEON tokens (you can trade on


ZEON Network signed a partnership about listing of the token on

Hotbit is TOP30 crypto exchange in the world and our team did a great job to provide a qualified exchange to our users:
* 1 million visitors per month
* strong users’ community
* 24/7 non-stop online support to our users
* high-liquidity
* mobile client for trading
Do you want to trade or buy tokens? 
Attention: users who do not register on: Hotbit by referral URL 
will not receive free tokens from the previous airdrops. 
Please, check your registration by referral links.

Trading pair: