🖲 New Dashboard

Greetings ZEON Community!

To supply users with a smart and easy system of secure investments and purchases is no simple task. The ZEON Network project team has been working for months to increase efficiency and finalize our project, to make it perfect for every day use.

We would like you to know that the majority of the ZEON dashboard project is open source and everyone can contribute to it’s development. We firmly believe that this is the best way to create a high quality solution.

Using the best tools (NodeJS, Typescript, MongoDB, Redis, ReactJS + Redux) with separate frontend and backend modules allowing for easy customization.

The New Dashboard makes it easy to exchange, invest, send and receive payments, and many additional features that everyone will understand.
- Voting 
- KYC verification
- Smart Investing
- Debit card use

The new Dashboard has a minimalist design so that only the tools you need are shown. We strive for efficiency with everything we do.

The ZEON Network team thanks the project community for their timeless patience and for the active discussion on social media. These things together are what makes ZEON successful.

Please note that we have reset all passwords for dashboard.zeon.network. your email is still on file. To access the New Dashboard please click on ‘forgot password’.