Token Swap

Kirill Levin
Oct 30 · 2 min read

What is the Token Swap?

With the token sale which ended last year, the ZEON Team distributed ERC20 ZEON tokens, which are currently being traded in the top exchanges.

Now, we plan to update the Ethereum smart contract to release new functions. The Token Swap will be made with an exchange rate.

How will the Token Swap be made?

The Token Swap will be implemented through the exchanges that we are listed on (1st stage) and smart contract (2nd stage).

1. The Token Swap using exchanges

If you are holding your ZEON tokens on the exchanges (P2PB2B), you do not need to go through a separate Token Swap process. The exchanges will automatically swap the ERC20 ZEON tokens and you will receive it on the exchange’s ZEON wallet.

Duration: 7–30 days.

2. The Token Swap using smart contract
If you are holding your ZEON tokens NOT on the exchanges, you need to go through the use smart contract to make the Token Swap. Also, P2PB2B, IDEX and Hotbit traders need to cancel all their orders on the exchanges to make a withdrawal of ZEON to your individual wallet.

Duration: 45–60 days.

To start the token swap process, please visit

You will receive updated tokens on the sender’s wallet. Please, do not forget the private keys of the sender’s wallet and do not use crypto exchanges’ wallets.

Will I be able to trade ZEON tokens?
The ZEON tokens will be tradable in the exchanges as usual after the Token Swap.

How long will the Token Swap last?
You can swap your ERC20 ZEON tokens anytime during the Token Swap period (2nd stage).

We will be continuously sending notifications through our social channels and email.

Q: What happens if I don’t complete the ZEON Token Swap?

You can’t trade, receive rewards by using ZEON Wallet, set up Masternodes and can’t use other token’s functions.

Important notice

1. Only Hotbit, P2PB2B, IDEX are the official exchanges that have agreed with ZEON Network for the token swap support. Please, beware of other exchanges or third-parties.

2. If you find any scam attempts such as asking to send your ZEON to an individual wallet for the token swap process, please let us know or in the Telegram chat. There are only the official wallets on the official web page of Token Swap.

Questions regarding Token Swap

We expect to receive many questions regarding the token swap and may take time to answer individual questions through email. Please, submit your questions using the Telegram chat.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


World’s decentralized blockchain: the scalable and secure platform. Crypto card. Decentralized financial services.

Kirill Levin

Written by

Technology and Marketing at ZEON Network


World’s decentralized blockchain: the scalable and secure platform. Crypto card. Decentralized financial services.

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