Jay Jordan Joins Zepheira in Advisory Role

Innovator and Implementer of Global Data Infrastructures Brings Broad Perspective, Experience to Library Linked Data Company

18 April 2016 — zepheira.com — Zepheira is pleased to announce that Jay Jordan has agreed to formally serve as an Advisor to the company. Jordan’s record of bringing together business, product, technology, and cultural heritage organizations on a global stage makes him an invaluable resource for guidance as Zepheira pursues its goal of helping libraries create greater relevance through Web Visibility.

“Having Jay formally join the Zepheira Team as an Advisor brings us tremendous perspective and insight into what is required to make truly global information resources,” explained Eric Miller, CEO of Zepheira. “His efforts in bringing visibility to local services and unlocking the wealth of local collections and assets to a global community is legend; we’re fortunate to have his counsel.”

Throughout Mr. Jordan’s storied career, his initiatives had common aspects, notably serving global audiences from local and expert orientation. This served him well at 3M, throughout his 24-year tenure at Information Handling Services, and most recently as President of OCLC. Not content to accept current technology practices, he also brought a unique perspective and ability to bring together seemingly disconnected areas and develop new products and services that served broader audiences with more detailed and rich resources.

“For two decades, we have all heard of the Web’s potential to bring the world’s knowledge to our fingertips, but that cannot happen without cultural heritage institutions playing a leading role. When global memory institutions collaborate globally, we have the potential to truly reset and enrich the information landscape for all,” stated Jordan. “The work done by Zepheira, engaging libraries on their own terms and leveraging the open technologies of the Web, deserves broader attention and adoption.”

About Zepheira

Zepheira is a leading provider of software and services designed to help clients across industries make information available and more prominent on the Web. Founded in 2007, Zepheira has extensive experience creating products and solutions focused on the modernization of library information systems. Zepheira’s founders and staff have played key roles in pioneering the next generation of the Web, including the semantic technology underlying most Web applications. For more information find us online:

Web: http://www.zepheira.com
Twitter: @zepheiraorg
Facebook →http://www.facebook.com/zepheira
LinkedIn →https://www.linkedin.com/company/zepheira

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