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Libhub Initiative Celebrates Founding 12 Library Partners at Early Adopter Summit

28 May 2015 — DENVER, CO — Zepheira is convening the Libhub Initiative’s Early Adopter Summit today at Denver Public Library in Denver, Colorado, to celebrate the vision, commitment and contributions of 12 pioneering libraries from the US and Canada. These 12 institutions have completed training in the details of BIBFRAME, Linked Data, and a host of concrete steps libraries can take to establish greater visibility on the Web.

Libraries — and their Collections — Need to Be Visible to the Web

Library circulation across the country is generally decreasing. Even with the rise of e-books and downloads, there is a continual barrage of competitive interests for customers’ attention, often from the Web. But the Web is not the enemy of the Library. Instead, it is its most powerful potential partner, and perhaps its most necessary service provider.

The Libhub Initiative aims to help make libraries and library data visible and understandable to the Web. The intended results drive traffic back to the Library’s PAC or Discovery Layer to enrich and broaden customers’ library experiences.

Partners of the Libhub Initiative are committed to exploring the transition from MARC to BIBFRAME, enabling them to experiment with coding their collections into a format the Web can readily process and permits linking between resources. The partners then share these new resources in a central repository. This collaboration allows for connections between resources from all the libraries and increases the relevance and credibility ranking of the resources, making them more visible on the Web.

The 12 Libhub Initiative Founding Partners are:

Critical to the success of the Libhub Initiative is continued conversation and engagement between libraries and their service providers. The Libhub Initiative also benefits greatly from the participation of Sponsors, including Atlas Systems, Innovative, SirsiDynix, and Zepheira. Through their sponsorship, each of these industry leaders is acknowledging the critical importance of visibility for libraries, and shows interest in the use of technologies that support libraries wherever their customers may be.

Early Adopters Using Awareness, Assessment, and Action to Experiment with Linked Data for Libraries

The Early Adopter Summit brings these 12 Public Libraries together to share and compare observations and experiences in exploring paths and approaches to increased visibility on the Web. Using the Early Adopter Program developed by Zepheira, the libraries have approached the issue of visibility through Awareness/Education, Assessment, and Action.

  • Awareness: Practical Practitioner Linked Data & BIBFRAME Essentials Training, which introduces library professionals to the world of the Web, Linked Data, and the specifics of BIBFRAME
  • Assessment: Linked Data Readiness Assessment, where Zepheira staff work with a core team from the Library to audit of existing systems, relationships, data and goals and develop an informed plan for more comprehensive exploration and implementation of Linked Data technologies for their institution
  • Action: Data Pilot Development for libraries to make their own foray into catalog transformation and publishing those results to the Web for greater discovery.

Participants in the Early Adopter Program who go through the complete Data Pilot will transform descriptive data, publish to the Libhub Network, and be able to build a powerful, credible aggregate on the Web. This work will make it possible for future library customers to find their way into library catalogs through Web search engines.

The first of these founders are already seeing results from the transformation of their catalogs into Web-friendly, linkable, BIBFRAME resources. Users are beginning to discover resources from these libraries with simple search engines.

Growing Opportunities for Greater Library Visibility Now Available

Zepheira is offering two new programs based on the success of the initial Early Adopter Program for Public Libraries:

  • The Experimenter Program is closely modeled on the initial Early Adopter Program and offered for Public Libraries.
  • The Academic Early Adopter Program makes it possible for Academic institutions to engage in the three-phase program (Training, Readiness Assessment, and Data Pilot). Academics wanting to showcase special collections, e-book collections, or subject specialties to specific audiences via the Web will benefit from participation.

For more information, including pricing, please contact Zepheira at solutions@zepheira.com

About The Libhub Initiative

The Libhub Initiative aims to raise the visibility of Libraries on the Web by actively exploring the promise of BIBFRAME and Linked Data. Founded by Zepheira LLC in September 2014, The Libhub Initiative creates an industry-wide focus and finds common ground for libraries, providers, and partners to publish and use data with non-proprietary, Web standards. For more information, please visit http://libhub.org.

About Zepheira

Zepheira is a leading provider of software and services designed to help clients across industries make information available and more prominent on the Web. Founded in 2007, Zepheira has extensive experience creating products and solutions focused on the modernization of library information systems. Zepheira’s founders and staff have played key roles in pioneering the next generation of the Web, including the semantic technology underlying most Web applications. For more information find us online:

Web: http://www.zepheira.com
Twitter: @zepheiraorg
Facebook →http://www.facebook.com/zepheira
LinkedIn →https://www.linkedin.com/company/zepheira



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