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Library of Michigan Becomes First State Library to Move to Library.Link Network

Michigan Becomes First State to Announce Move to Linked Data and the Library.Link Network

24 October 2016 www.zepheira.com –Zepheira announces a partnership with the Library of Michigan and Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS) to transform the Michigan eLibrary catalog’s bibliographic data (MeLCat) into Linked Data for broader incorporation into the Web.

Michigan is the first State library to bring a large-scale set of library catalog data to the Web with Linked Data technologies developed by Zepheira, namely the Library.Link Network.

“Due to the highly structured format of MARC data, state libraries and consortia can quickly begin to participate in the Library.Link Network and publish their rich resources to the Web in a meaningful way,” commented John Richardson, Zepheira VP of Library & Vendor Partnerships.

The Library of Michigan has been a leader in statewide resource sharing with the successful MeLCat program serving 442 academic, K-12, special and public libraries. The move to linked data in the Library.Link Network allows libraries’ resources to be made available to the Web for broader visibility, statewide. Other creative uses of these transformed linked data resources can emerge over time to further connect residents with information provided by libraries in their communities.

Zepheira will work with its partner, Innovative Interfaces, to extract the estimated 20 million MARC records from the MeLCat database. The Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS), long-standing partner for the MeL program, is providing continued technical support for the project.

Implementation began in the late summer and publication to the Web will continue through 2017.

About Zepheira

Founded in 2007, Zepheira is a product and service company which uses Linked Data technologies to change and improve the information landscape of the Web for Libraries. Its primary offering, the Library.Link Network, allows libraries to transform their records into Web-ready, Web-usable data formats and publish them to the Web.

For more information find us online:

Web: http://www.zepheira.com

Twitter: @zepheiraorg

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