Zepheira partners with Sun Microsystems on Case Study for Semantic Web Outreach and Education at W3C

Kathy MacDougall, Zepheira Principal and founding Product Manager for the swoRDFish Metadata Initiative, has co-authored The swoRDFish Metadata Initiative: Better, Faster, Smarter Web Content with current swoRDFish Product Manager, Susie Cone of Sun Microsystems, Inc.. This case study outlines the way in which Sun Microsystems uses Semantic Web technologies to integrate various types of product-related information held in many systems across the company and drive dynamic delivery of this content to its external web properties. The paper was prepared for W3C’s Semantic Web Education and Outreach Interest Group, which recently launched a site — Semantic Web Education and Outreach Interest Group: Case Studies and Use Cases — to showcase how Semantic Web technologies are providing value in a variety of organizations.