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Zepheira Upgrades Open Source Linked Data Editing Toolkit and Training Software

Improved Software Now Available in Upcoming Training Sessions

16 October 2015http://zepheira.com — Thanks to feedback from its Training Alumni Community, Libhub Initiative Early Adopters and Sponsors and in partnership with the UC Davis BIBFLOW project, Zepheira has successfully relaunched its Open Source Linked Data transformation and editing tools. The tools, Linksmith and Scribe, now provide better internal and external linking of library assets, improved scalability, and linkability.

Many of the Scribe improvements were made in cooperation with UC Davis and the IMLS Grant #LG-06–13–0201–13 supported BIBFLOW, a two-year project of the UC Davis University Library and Zepheira. BIBFLOW is a research effort exploring cataloging models for the future of library operations and focuses heavily on Linked Data technologies. Scribe is Open Source and publicly available on Github. Configuration for the editing tool, Scribe, has also become easier and more powerful as a result of using the BIBFRAME Profile Specification.

Underpinning Linksmith is Zepheira’s Open Source MARC to BIBFRAME transformation engine which has also been improved. While the use of Linksmith is offered only to students and alumni of the Zepheira Practical Practitioner Training class, the results of Linksmith transformations can be publicly shared. Linksmith is just one of the tools that support Zepheira’s Linked Data and BIBFRAME experience-driven training series focused on libraries, their data, their audiences, and their local needs. The next training session opens on October 30, 2015. Zepheira encourages library professionals to register now.

About Zepheira

Zepheira is a leading provider of software and services designed to help clients across industries make information available and more prominent on the Web. Founded in 2007, Zepheira has extensive experience creating products and solutions focused on the modernization of library information systems. Zepheira’s founders and staff have played key roles in pioneering the next generation of the Web, including the semantic technology underlying most Web applications. For more information find us online:

Web: http://www.zepheira.com

Twitter: @zepheiraorg

Facebook →http://www.facebook.com/zepheira

LinkedIn →https://www.linkedin.com/company/zepheira



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