Notable International Alumni from Canadian Universities

Aug 26, 2019 · 4 min read

These stars and award winners studied in Canada as international students

They say university is a place where you get inspired and gather resources for later success. The skills, thrills and ills that you experience go into shaping you for what may come later in life. International students who experience a completely new environment tend to encounter big shifts in perspectives or directions.

Although tucked away in the Northern corner of the world, institutions in Canada have nurtured many graduates who go on to lead development in their respective fields. The list of notable international alumni from Canadian universities is not well publicised, but this post attempts to list 4 of them. The list does not claim to be representative of the actual pool of graduates.

Photo from Starbucks via, cr fair use

1. Belinda Wong

Ranked 38th on the Most Powerful Woman International 2018 by Forbes, Belinda Wong is the Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks China. She overlooks over 3,000 of the java-serving stores in China and more virtual ones on Alibaba. A Hong Kong native, Belinda obtained her Bachelor’s of Commerce degree with a major in Finance from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and is currently on the China advisory council of UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

Prior to joining the top job at Starbucks China, Wong was with McDonald’s China Development Company marketing division.

2. Niklaus Wirth

Though most closely associated with ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Niklaus Emil Wirth was once an international student in Canada. Before his PhD in University of California, Berkeley, Writh obtained a MSc. in Université Laval in Québéc City, Montreal². The Swish computer scientist is widely known as the architect of several programming languages constituting the Wirth Languages³, for which he won the prestigious ACM Turing Award in 1984. Some of the languages in the sequence, such as Pascal, went on to becoming one of the most important compiling languages on mainframe computers.

To add to his numerous publications in system design and data structures, Wirth also popularized the adage Wirth’s Law, which upends the Moore’s Law by stating that the speed of software slows down more rapidly than hardware speeds up.

Tze-Wah during his show in Edmonton, Alberta in 2009. Source

3. Dayo Wong Tze-Wah

Dayo Wong is a Hong Kong stand-up comedian and actor. He obtained his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Alberta in the late 1970s / early 1980s. Other than a successful TV career during which he was nominated for and crowned in multiple awards, Tze-Wah (as he is fondly called) is most widely credited with creating a distinctive style of standup comedy which started a remarkable era in the ever-buoyant Hong Kong entertainment scene. For most of the current generation of the Cantonese-speaking population, his works are what they grew up with.

Wong’s comedy routines, exceedingly satirical and solid with philosophical underpinnings, reflect his past training and continued thoughts in rhetorics, as well as both ancient and contemporary thoughts.

— non-copyrighted photo of Juggun Kazim’s is not available—

4. Juggun Kazim

Juggun ‘Jay’ Kazim is a popular actress, TV host, and model in Pakistan. Born and raised in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, she went to King’s University College at Western University at 17 years old, and graduated with a B.A. in Media.

Having launched her artist career in Canada, Kazim is now a well-known face in the big and the small screens in Pakistan, whose every social move triggers the attention of her hundreds of thousands of followers. At only 39 years old, her career trajectory is still on an upwards motion.

If you know of any notable alumni of Canadian university from your country, let us know! If not, what about yourself? ;)

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  1. Belinda Wong on Fortune


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