Reacting to Your User Feedback 🥰🥰

May 6 · 4 min read
Top 11 feedback to Zept

Did you know that you can give us feedback on

From August 2018 to last week, thousands of our student users gave us feedback on Yes, that means you. You receive prompts when looking for university information on our site, and you give us star ratings….also your opinion and suggestion.

But did you know that we read them?

Yes we do! We read your evaluation, and use it to improve our service! Many student, we discovered, would like more information about course matches, mobile apps, and tuition information. We heard you and we are working towards that!

The median rating that we received was 4 — that is AWESOME. That means 4/5. Did you know that 80% can be an A in many university courses? Getting 80% in STAT151 as an engineering student, for example, means that you are half a b̶a̶e̶ Bayes.

we thought we were doin’ good….. we were right.

We’d have detailed rating statistic in a separate post, but here, let us list first the top 10 feedback that we LOVE.

Guess what? We are now on Android and iOS. Now you can keep us in your back pocket. ❤

Probably one of our developers who missed their lunch.

Hey dev, you OK over at your desk?


We are glad to have you toooo

Nooo you are puuuuurfect ❤

Okay….Where Is The Other 55%?


Did you know that we are from Edmonton? There are 4 institutions in our city alone. Come see us when you’re in Edmonton okay?

Awh. Ouch. Yeah.

I’m all right.

Let us know what you’d rather see….WE WORKIN’ ON IT!!

Thank you..glad you found that! We offer a much easier and more personalised university selection experience.

No hideous recommendation! Waaaaay more opportunities that you would otherwise miss!


The university application process is not easy, but you will be fine, partner. Send us a message if you need help.


Now excuse me while I go save the world.

  • Yes there are 11 feedback.
  • All gifs are from!

Have you given YOUR feedback yet? Come visit us on !


Zept - for prospective international students and the schools they wish to attend


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Studies economics part-time, everything else full time. Likes annoying questions.



Zept - for prospective international students and the schools they wish to attend

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