We’re Looking For The Dream Team To Set Up the Race to Zero Carbon

Help Us Find The Talent

The Clock Is On Fire

Climate Breakdown.

It’s here. Now. Like the Doctor says:

It’s not that we have 10 yrs to act, it’s that we must act NOW to HALVE our emissions in 10–12 yrs if we are to halt AGW at mostly survivable levels.

That’s a big ask. We need to hit it hard. We need a dream team, executing executable solutions.

Colleagues, Players, Coaches, Sponsors

Please help us identify and recruit the Dream Team to secure the planet and a great quality of life for all.

About us:

Footprint to Wings is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is turning the race to Zero Carbon into a national pastime and coaching each state to win.

Here is an overview of our approach.
Here is more detail on the coaching (video)
Here is the link to our proposed organization chart (pdf)

Note on the org chart that “NCL” stands for “National Carbon League.” We modeled it after the NFL, an organization that has mastered “National Pastime Technology.” We’ll be drawing a lot from the NFL operations playbook. Because it works.

What We Are Looking For Now:

We’re searching for the talent, partnership and sponsorship to achieve an extraordinary, unprecedented mission. We need people who:

Yes, this is an ambitious mission:

But remember, there’s a lot at stake. This is a real life and death game. The home planet is counting on us. Team Earth is floundering. We need to unlock maximum potential FAST.

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Everything depends on it.

To zero carbon and beyond!