Derek Myers
May 24 · 2 min read

Zero Carbon Project is tackling climate change using the blockchain. Community members are rewarded with crypto for their contribution.

By switching to zero carbon energy across our Zero Carbon Market consumers can reduce their energy costs and earn ZeroCarbon token cryptocurrencies. Introducers can also benefit by spreading the word.

Zero Carbon Token Economy

ZeroCarbon tokens have utility value because energy suppliers have to source them in order to pay the transaction fees required to participate in the Zero Carbon Market. In the UK, 32 energy suppliers are currently competing for business across the Market. They are also competing to purchase ZeroCarbon tokens to pay the transaction fees. As our community increases demand for ZeroCarbon tokens increases. This is the ZeroCarbon token economy.

Consumer Portal to Zero Carbon Markets

Energy consumers can access the Zero Carbon Market and the Consumer Portal through . Through the Consumer Portal consumers can access the Household switching market, the Business energy auction market or the ZeroCarbon Offsets Market.

In addition, the Consumer Portal provides an off-blockchain wallet to accumulate ZeroCarbon tokens. Also a Referral Rewards Dashboard.

Referral Rewards for Introducers

The Referral Rewards Dashboard allows community members to manage the introduction of new community members. It includes a pipeline for on-boarding new community members through the switching process and the timing of referral reward earnings.

Referral rewards are in return for the help in spreading the word. They are calculated based on 6x the consumption rewards of new consumers. For household introductions the introducer and the new customer share these referral rewards. For business introductions, the introducer decides how much to share with the new business consumer.

Sourcing ZeroCarbon tokens

ZeroCarbon tokens can be sourced in a number of ways:

  1. Earn rewards for helping tackling climate change by switching to zero carbon energy or by introducing new community members. For details please read
  2. We are now offering ZCC tokens at USD0.30 on IDEX crypto exchange at . Small volumes are available.
  3. We are also offering ZCCs across our private pre-sale at an effective rate of USD0.256 including bonuses . This requires a minimum order of 150 ETH.
  4. ZCC rewards can also be earned by purchasing ZeroCarbon Offsets producing an effective price as low as USD0.21 including all referral rewards but shared with introducer.

Join the Zero Carbon Project revolution

Register with Zero Carbon Project to earn income for contributing to tackling climate change.

Click here to register with a referral code to ensure you receive your referral reward bonuses:

Visit us at

You can view and join @ZeroCarbonProject telegram community here.

Zero Carbon Project

Tackling climate change using the blockchain

Derek Myers

Written by

Zero Carbon Project

Tackling climate change using the blockchain

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