UK Zero Carbon Market launching on 25th October

We are delighted to announce the launch date of our UK Zero Carbon Market along with the ZeroCarbon token economy. The Market will officially open for business next week on Thursday 25th October.

Ready for launch

Customer benefits

We are looking forward to this first major step in our efforts to contribute to tackling climate change. UK energy consumers will be able to switch from fossil fuels to zero carbon energy; save money compared to their current fossil fuel contract; and earn value ZeroCarbon tokens.

Zero Carbon Market now ready

We have now deployed the software for our Market and the smart contracts underpinning our token economy. 32 energy suppliers stand ready with zero carbon energy offers, to compete for your business across our Market.

Household consumers can use our comparison and switching site. Business energy consumers can use our online auction.

The Market is open for business today in pre-launch trial mode for those eager to switch right away. If you decide to use pre-launch beta version please inform us of any browser related glitches.

We have a live chat if you have any questions or problems. Alternatively you can contact us by email at or use our telegram chat channel .

Enhanced ZeroCarbon token rewards for trial phase

We have decided to triple consumption rewards for early customers who switch during our trial period. This trial will continue after launch, until further notice.

Easy Market access

You can access our Market from our homepage . When you register ensure you include an introducer to earn triple the consumption rewards. This reward multiplier is on-top of the trial reward 3x multiplier.

The customer portal provides a ZeroCarbon token wallet and a referral reward management facility. From here you can access the markets for household or businesses. Answer seven simple non-intrusive questions on your requirements and current supplier, in order to see your full range of zero carbon offers compared to your current energy costs.

You can ask any questions at or email us at .