Zero Carbon Market demonstration software now live.

During the initial ICO boom, entrepreneurs were able to raise tens-of-millions of dollars purely upon a visionary idea and promise, a suitably experienced team and a roadmap to execute.

For many astute investors now, however, that’s just not enough. Many contributors to these projects now need to see a solution demonstration, before participating in a token sale.

Zero Carbon Project has provided just that, showing how consumers can switch to zero carbon for lower cost than conventional fossil fuel energy. The Zero Carbon Market software demonstration includes twelve major energy suppliers who have submitted live real offer prices for zero carbon energy available to consumers.

Several months have been spent developing the Market software, which is now built and ready to launch following our token sale, with a target launch date of October this year.

The screenshot below shows a page of zero carbon energy contracts which might be offered on the Market. This compares the zero carbon energy contracts available through the Market with the consumer’s existing energy contract.

In this example, cost savings are available from several suppliers, highlighted in green. This is despite the market rising since the time this household agreed to their existing energy contract price.

Access to demonstration system

To understand how the system and process works, you can access the system for demonstration purposes at .

Please select the following options or input the information in response to each of the questions:

1. Your postcode: Input ‘W4 3UB’

2. What fuel do you wish to compare: Select ‘Electricity’ (we will be including gas offset by carbon emissions)

3. Are you on Economy 7 Tariff: Select ‘No’

4. How do you pay for your Electricity: Select ‘Monthly Direct Debit’

The system will now check all the energy suppliers in the UK market to find a list of existing tariffs that you may be on. This will be used as a benchmark to compare savings from zero carbon offers.

5. Who is your electricity supplier: Select ‘nPower’

6. What is your electricity tariff name: Select ‘Feel Good Fix June 2008’

7. Do you know how much electricity you consume: Select ‘Yes’

8. Your electricity: Input ‘5500’ kWh every year

9. Click ‘See all energy plans’

The system will then search the market for the best energy plans and calculate your cost savings relative to your existing tariff.

You can then click the ‘Select’ button which takes you to a form to arrange your switch to the new energy supplier providing zero carbon energy.

The form requests information on your site address, a direct debit set up form and terms and conditions.

This demonstration system will ignore any submissions of information to switch suppliers, until we have launched the UK Market in October.