Zero Carbon Project lists on IDEX decentralised crypto exchange

We are pleased to announce the listing of ZeroCarbon token (ZCC) on IDEX adding a second location for customers to trade ZeroCarbon tokens. This follows the listing of ZCCs on Etherdelta last month when we deployed our token economy to the blockchain, supporting the launch of our UK Zero Carbon Market.

ZCC tokens traded on IDEX

IDEX benefits

IDEX exchange provides customers with a smoother process for managing bids and offers, and conducting transactions. It is also easier for customers to buy and sell tokens, although still complicated for unsophisticated users.

Customers can buy and sell ZeroCarbon tokens here . We will publish a step-by-step guide to assist with the process.

Energy consumers can sell their hard earned ZeroCarbon tokens across these crypto exchanges. Energy suppliers currently have bids on these exchanges to purchase ZCCs as they need thesm to pay the transaction fees for winning consumer business across Zero Carbon Market.

Upcoming GBX exchange listing

We have also been admitted to list on the GBX DAX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Digital Asset Exchange) once we have completed a public token sale using their token sale platform. However, we are uncertain of timeframes due to the difficult ICO market conditions. GBX are pioneering and leading innovation in the development of securities token markets, with an upcoming exchange called GSX.

Managed market price and liquidity

In the interests of full transparency, Zero Carbon Project is currently managing the market for ZCCs on the buy and sell side as liquidity will remain low while the market is in its infancy.

Market management involves the Project purchasing ZCCs on behalf of the energy suppliers as they initially prefer to pay their transaction fees in GBP and AUD. We are converting these fiat receipts into ZeroCarbon tokens for injection into our token economy.

This demand for these ZCC tokens is being satisfied by the Project offering ZCCs at about US$0.30 sourced from our 1,000,000 ZCC token liquidity reserve. This selling operation will be scaled back once energy consumers start selling the ZeroCarbon tokens that they earn for helping tackle climate change.

Join the Zero Carbon Project

To register with Zero Carbon Project and to earn income for helping tackle climate change click on this link to ensure you receive your referral reward bonus