ZeroCarbon Blockchain Sessions Launched in London

On Wednesday 7th November the Zero Carbon Project held their first Blockchain Session in Chiswick, London. The aim of the opening talks was to give the local community the knowledge to understand the significance a well thought out token economy has on the overall success of not only the token but the project behind it. This was also done so that everyone in attendance could fully engage with and enjoy our final activity; deciding on and creating a fully fledged token economy for a community member in the audience.

The evening started out with a brief explanation and discussion of the innovative Zero Carbon token economy. This economy was picked not to promote the project itself, but to capitalize on the knowledge that is shared between the team members. This then evolved into a discussion led by our CEO, Derek Myers, on the differences between security tokens, utility tokens and other coins as well as the regulatory differences and challenges presented by each one.

Following a quick pizza and beer break, the highlight of the evening started to unfold as an audience member wanted to create a reward token to incentivize his workers to ride a bike to work instead of drive. After some healthy discussion, and debate, the coin was named Bikcoin and Phillip Louw, our lead software engineer, deployed the token economy live in front of everyone with 100 Million BIK created.

What’s next for BIK? Join our meetup group below and come along next month.