11 Valuable lessons I learned this year

1. Be patient.

A strong foundation + continuing to produce quality work = long-term success.

Trust in the process. If you’re doing the right stuff, eventually you will get the right outcomes.

Saw a few friends really break out this year. Many had been working extremely hard for years with little return. But they just kept doing the right stuff and it paid off.

Any significant accomplishment is going to take time.

2. Self-awareness is key.

Learn who you are. Your strengths and weaknesses. What you want.

Don’t spend a lot of money until you figure that out. That would be like investing heavily in sales before product/market fit.

But if you did, don’t worry about the past. Just focus on what’s in your control and take action.

3. Happiness = reality — expectations.

Anxiety happens when expectations are higher than reality. Don’t expect more than you’re willing to put in. Having reasonable expectations and accepting reality is always a good idea, but improving reality is also an option. Living less than your best is not going to be rewarding.

4. The world is insane.

Many people are irrational or uninformed. But that’s ok.

Lower expectations. Accept reality. And make the best of it.

5. Take personal responsibility.

…for anything that’s within your control. Every emotion, every action.

No excuses. Just take best action.

6. Take best action.

Learn from the past but always take action to make a better future.

Take small steps. Make small improvements every day. Your year is made up of months, weeks, days, and hours. Use every hour wisely and it will add up to a great year and a great life.

7. Short term pain, long-term gain.

What do you want to look back on? Feeling comfortable or accomplishing your goals?

Always go the extra mile to produce the best.

8. Stop drinking and eating crappy food.

It will feel great once you do.

9. Don’t get depressed about feeling depressed.

Just take action to improve everyday.

10. The pomodoro technique is amazing.

Pomotodo to make it happen.

11. Core confidence and happiness no matter what.

So why not swing big?