There is No Right Answer

Work all the time and make millions? Or be healthy and happy regardless of outcomes?

Take the risk and be an entrepreneur? Or take the money and be an employee?

Get married and have a family? Or be free and travel the world?

I’ve spent years thinking and experiencing, searching for “The Answer.”

I’ve tried jobs, I’ve tried startups, I’ve traveled, I’ve read countless articles and even attended seminars.

But the reality is, everyone is different. What’s “Right” for one person is not necessarily right for another. Everyone has different preferences, abilities and values.

Just because Johnny Success is rich and happy from starting companies doesn’t mean you will be. Just because Ricky Zen is happy living on the beach working an easy job doesn’t mean you will be.

To make matters worse, people change over time. What I wanted when I was 20 is far different than what I want now as I approach 30. And I’m sure what I’ll want when I’m 40, 50, and 60 will be completely different yet again.

Knowing that there is no right answer is both frustrating…and liberating.

Uncertainty sucks. We like to feel like we have all the answers. Like we have a clear path and can predict the future. Sometimes I get jealous when I see people who have always been able to stay on a consistent path for their whole lives. But the truth is, there will always be unknowns.

So accept reality and take best action. Just keep living and doing.

By continually experimenting, experiencing, learning and growing, you will eventually — dare I say inevitably — find “success” — whatever that may mean for you.

It may mean finding a startup idea that takes off. Or learning to be happy just to be alive.

I wish I could give you an answer to your questions…but I can only give you the truth: There is No Right Answer.

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