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ZEROM RTLS — Social Distance Management

By Seungwon Go, CEO & Co-Founder at ZEROM (

Interest in social distancing is increasing because of Coronavirus(COVID-19). If a contagious virus confirmed cases occurred in a company, this may cause serious damage to the business such as business interruption or even closure of corporate facilities. Therefore, the importance of social distancing is higher than ever.

Then, how can we trace back the confirmed cases and figure out who/ when/where/how long they met when it occurred in a corporate facility?

ZEROM is an RTLS(Real-time Locating System) IT tech company that provides real-time tracking and analysis solutions for all assets, such as people/things, within the corporate facility.

* Real-time location tracking of people/objects is possible only in indoor and outdoor spaces where a scanner capable of detecting the location is installed.

Henceforth, when this kind of case is happening, Real-time Location of people who possess an access card with a location sensor is recorded.
So you can get meaningful data, such as who / when / where /how long the virus confirmed cases met. Furthermore, this data can prevent secondary/tertiary infections.

Of course, track of a person’s location continuously can violate personal information protection. The system only can be arranged to access the data under permitted cases like within specific facilities or when social tracking such as virus detection is permitted.

The following video is a screen showing the analyzed result of who / when / where / how long they met by looking through the location record of the person who possesses a specific tag through the ZEROM RTLS solution.

ZEROM RTLS — Social Distance Management

You can get the report that you want by simply entering distance and contact time.

Plus, we are going to add a few more scenarios that combine IoT sensors with RTLS technology.

  1. A thermal sensor measures the temperature of a person in the facility at regular intervals. When a person over a certain temperature is found, it is automatically reported through the system. And a tracking report is generated for other people that the person has contacted. You can check the temperature of the people who related to the report at a specific period. If the temperature of a person above a certain rate rises, you can separate them into suspect patients or divide them into isolated spaces.
  2. By recording information about whether worn mask or not through the mask with the respiratory sensor attached, it is possible to figure out whether the people who met the virus confirmed people wear the mask at that time.

In addition, ZEROM RTLS supports blockchain. By using immutability, one of the characteristics of blockchain, all data cannot be deleted and can be permanently preserved.

You can find the functionalities of blockchain in ZEROM RTLS as following article :

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