Why I started Zero To 2K

So I’m finally jumping into NBA2K content via a healthy mixture of video, audio, and written pieces. Sure seems like this was inevitable. I’ve loved 2K since Iverson’s back-to-back-to-back-to-back covers. I’ve worked in video games and social / digital strategy for 5+ years. If anything, it’s strange it took me this long to take the jump.

Really, I’ve created Zero To 2K for a few reasons.

I love basketball. Like pretty much every kid, I dreamed of playing The League. Like pretty much every teen, reality eventually slapped me, so I dreamed of becoming a coach. Like pretty much every adult, reality choked me out, so I dreamed of working in a more accessible field that’d allow me to someday transition to professional basketball.

I just adore the sport. I play several times a week IRL (I’m a 6'5" version of Orlando-era Turkoglu — some weird mix of Point Stretch Forward), I play 2K every night, and I stalk r/NBA the second my alarm rings each morning. I’m even a Clippers fan (sigh).

I believe in the 2K community. Sure, the game has some pretty egregious flaws. It also has some of the best innovations in sports games. It’s pretty amazing that 2K has such distinct game modes that they’ve each developed their own communities — MyTeam, Pro-Am, MyLeague, Play Now Online, and Offline players all have distinct qualities and interests.

I see people talking, whether it’s through Operation Sports, Twitter, Reddit, or any other source. There’s a dedicated group of people who love this game as much as I do, and I want to help it grow.

The 2K All-Star Tournament showed the potential. I’ve always been fascinated by eSports rise, and always wondered if 2K could catch up. The game / community / developers have made great strides, but there’s still a long way to go. I want to get in now to help. eLeague’s coming soon, and hopefully more tournaments — the way I see it, the more feedback and experimentation, the better.

I enjoy teaching and coaching. When thinking through ideas and schemes for 2K content, I researched quite a bit. This community doesn’t need another generic streamer, or guy-who-opens-MyTeam-packs, or another shit-talker. But there really isn’t much in instructional content for people just learning about the game (save for the great Sam Pham, whose offensive tutorials are just killer). I really enjoy mentoring and teaching, so throwing an educational angle on all this just felt right.

It’s a creative challenge. Professionally, I’ve always worked as a strategist w/ creative notions. While my new gig ties my skillsets nicely, pretty much every project I’ve ever worked on is a collaboration with 5–20 other creators and approvers. I wanted to make something that’s just mine, in my vision, and in my control. And I wanted to dabble in creative, since most of my work has been more conceptual than executional. Everything you’re reading or watching here will come from me, and I couldn’t be more excited.

So yeah. Lots of reasons. But let’s dig in.

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