Done is better than perfect

It started with a sketch.

I was reading a blog post — How To Increase Growth Through Retention Analysis ( by Archana Madhavan and the Amplitude Product Analytics Playbook.

I found the retention / early user journey quite interesting and I started sketching to help me understand the process.

The sketch below… 👇

First few sketches that led to cleaning up in Axure
And then this whole thing took shape and I thought what if the other parts are added, so it may be easy for anyone interested to see what the moving parts are.

Some of this work includes Habit Testing by Nir Eyal and User Retention Rates by @bennstancil. (I may have missed a few names here.)

What guided me during the sketching was - Crafting The First Mile Of Product by Scott Belsky founder of Behance.

This is the first draft (and some parts may be inadequate). It would be great to get some feedback based on your experiences.

Access the Axure link here —
DM me (for the password) on Twitter Bala S.

It would be great to build this with you and you have license to rip it apart!

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