Start by collecting scraps from your kitchen

Out of all the items in your waste bin, organics are probably the majority. Statistically, organics make up at least half of your trash. Organics include items that can degrade down to soil without hurting anything. Paper, cloth, soil, brush, and food waste are all forms of organics. Things like paper and cloth could be processed by oyster mushrooms. I personally worked for the guy that made a million off Austin’s organic waste stream when they adopted Zero Waste in 2008. There is a ton of potential and we just learning how to harness the resources.

It is more important to compost than to recycle inert glass

How can you help? It all starts at home and in the office. Remember to separate all your organics so as not to soil the other reusables like cans and bottles. Recyclables are a lot harder to make use of if they are covered in spaghetti. Get an indoor or outdoor composter, worm bin, and/or a little pail for your kitchen waste and — walla — you have a compost system. You just cut your waste in half and can grow healthy food with the soil!

Worms help process organic waste

How to make compost? Pretty much it is just a matter of green (nitrogen), and brown (carbon). Make a 50/50 mix, and turn your pile over more often to speed up the process. You will need at least 3 square feet of space or a composter for the materials to get hot enough for nature do its work. You can add worms to speed up the process, and their poo is like black gold. Get your materials here, and if you have any questions send them to

Decentralized Waste Management

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John Bushe, Managing Member

Written by

Adbongo Group LLC

Decentralized Waste Management

Click a blog on the left, or email to lower your commercial waste bill!

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