Local Advocacy Group Petitions Texas State House of Representatives

DALLAS, TX/USA — (Republished) January 28, 2015 — Zero Waste Advocacy Group has written a petition asking the Texas State House of Representatives to adopt a statewide Zero Waste goal. Local Zero Waste advocates are invited to join a trip to Austin in mid-February to meet with local representatives and members of the Environmental Regulations Committee to present the petition.

“It just makes economic sense to be more efficient. Setting a statewide goal of Zero Waste will reduce toxic landfill emissions, create jobs, boost the economy and allow us all to be good stewards of the earth,” says Zero Waste Advocacy founder, John Bushe.

The petition directs the House of Representatives to direct the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to develop Zero Waste standards, to be implemented by municipal solid waste and recycling managers. Zero Waste Advocacy Group has collected 537 signatures to date and aims to boost this number into the thousands prior to meetings at the Capitol.

After signing the petition, those who are interested in attending the Capitol meetings are invited to attend a free Zero Waste Intro webinar and are also welcome to attend upcoming training at Northlake College with one of the nation’s foremost Zero Waste municipal planning experts, Gary Liss (details below).

What is Zero Waste? Most communities are dumping a wealth of resources into the landfill or shipping valuable recyclables to China, where they profit off our trash by making new items to sell back to us. Zero Waste systems reclaim opportunities for U.S. manufacturing and rejects allowing our discarded items to serve no better purpose than to rot away in a landfill.

Instead Zero Waste puts systems into place that allow a community to make use of these discarded resources, giving them second, third or fourth life as new products and reused materials. Zero Waste shows that trash can be mined for treasure.

Plus, Zero Waste protects precious natural resources by conserving raw materials for manufacturing. Zero Waste systems also protect the environment by removing the problem of toxic landfill emissions.

Read the petition: https://www.change.org/p/texas-state-house-of-representatives-pass-a-law-adopting-a-zero-waste-goal-for-the-state-of-texas

Attend the February 2 Zero Waste Intro webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5546982650193386498

Attend the February 6–7 Zero Waste Training with Gary Liss:


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Zero Waste Advocacy Group: Zero Waste Advocacy (ZWA) is a partnership formed between Richard Anthony Associates, Gary Liss & Associates, and Adbongo Inc. Our team has developed or contributed to the majority of Zero Waste community plans produced in the United States today. In fact, we have worked on more Zero Waste community plans than any other individual or business in the United States.

Our collective experience literally spans the globe, ranging from California to Hong Kong, Austin to East Anglia, UK. We have organized and participated in workshops and programs about Zero Waste in France, England, Switzerland, Italy, China, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States.

GLA and RAA are the lead authors of the Global Principles for Zero Waste Communities as adopted by the Zero Waste International Alliance to guide the development of Zero Waste by communities throughout the world.

Zero Waste Advocacy Group website: https://zerowasteadvocacy.com/