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Team Zero Fortnightly Newsletter

Issue #16

Welcome to issue №16 of the Zero Newsletter.

This version is later than our previous fortnightly updates and we’ll be able to get these updates back to their original time-frames. I, (LMC) put my hand up to say that these have lapsed and apologies for any confusion.

We’ve had a fair bit happen in the last month and a half post fork, with an extensive list below that we will explore in some further detail in this update too:

  • Release of our latest roadmap
  • Overwinter updates to the network
  • Sapling updates to the network
  • Latest competition
  • POR review
  • Zero Merchandise
  • Two additional vendors accepting Zero
  • Soon to be launched exchange Blockbid listing Zero shortly, offering Australian Dollar fiat pairing and also BTC pairing
  • Mysterious update via ZER’s Twitter
Zero Tier 3 (Gold)

As always, thank you all for your continued support on Zero’s path to steady, organic growth and we hope you enjoy the products being delivered that can attest to Zero’s current and future status in this realm.

For anyone interested in investing — please do your own research prior to committing to any project and we ask you to please not blindly commit to a project because someone else told you to.

Release of our latest roadmap

The cat is out of the bag regards our latest roadmap and the team has taken many months of discussion to arrive at the planned deliverable’s you see on the map.

Q4 2018 — Q1 2019
Q1 2019 — Q2 2019
Q2 2019 — Q1,Q2,Q3, 2019

Our updates to Zero from the ZCash updates of Overwinter and also Sapling are well underway, with testnets ongoing and successful implementations. If you aren’t sure of what these updates now include here are the links;

Utility Nodes & Staking Wallet

Zero will be introducing Utility Nodes, which are akin to Masternodes in similarity. The difference being with Zero’s Utility Nodes is that they will hold and offer a specific function to the network that will add utility, rather than simply exist.

The details will be released in due course, but what we can do at this point in time is advise that each Utility Node will require 5,000 ZER, offer a 10% block reward, with this reward increasing by 1% — 1.25% each year, over the course of 4–5 years to incentive's holding and value.

We are so excited to get our Utility Nodes released in 2019, so please do keep an eye peeled for further information as we release more information to you all.

Staking Wallet

We know what our community wants, so we will also be offering staking in a yet to be released wallet that will allow coin control, based on a minimum of 100 ZER. There will be more details to also come in this respect, but our Staking Wallet, combined with our Utility Nodes will really make Zero a formidable competitor in this realm.

Ultimate Wallet

Our Ultimate Wallet when released will be our premier wallet that offers the best of all our features, all wrapped up into one easy to use interface. This is still in development at the moment and again, sorry to say, but more information will be released as we can provide more details.

Shielded Mobile Transactions

With the release of the ZCash Sapling update, we will be in 2019, able to offer shielded mobile transactions across our Android and iOS wallets. This will be a culmination of a lot of effort and we are looking forward to the day that we can offer this service and capability.

POR Review

Zero was given the privilege of being the first ever project reviewed by Proof of Review, a new coin review system that granted Zero the best review level of Tier 3(Gold), meaning that we have been fully certified.

Please check out the link below;

Zero Competition Tweet

Latest competition; + Price Prediction

We currently have two competitions running per the below tweet snapshots — make sure that you enter into the competitions to either estimate the price of ZER, or to contribute to the socials in creating the best video review of Zero, the best written article of Zero, or the best TX graphic for Zero against competitors.

Zero Price Prediction

Social Media updates — the numbers:

Twitter 3,219 followers
Telegram 1,327 members
Discord 550+ members

Also check out our dedicated community page per the below link.

Mysterious Tweet

Mysterious update

What is this mysterious graphic that was posted via ZER’s Twitter? Some of you have already tried to have a crack at the cryptic clue, but stay tuned to see and hear what could be happening.

Listings on Exchanges

Did you know that you can trade ZER with the below pairs across all of the exchanges that ZER is listed on?

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • GRS
  • LTC
  • XMR
  • With the balance of:
  • USDT on QIEX
  • USD on Crex24
  • LTC & DOGE on Cryptopia
  • BCH on TradeSatoshi

Suite of Exchanges:

Below is a recap of the exchanges / services that you can trade or secure Zero from:

  • Cryptopia
  • Trade Satoshi
  • Barterdex
  • Qiex
  • Crex 24
  • Digital Price
  • Bisq (in progress)
  • Instaswap


Thank you again to anyone who has been kind enough to have donated to our cause. We really do appreciate what the community has offered us as part of the community takeover.

The wallets below now have the total amount of ZER listed in each respective one to keep you updated.

We will have published the below addresses for donations very soon on the website, official announcements, Twitter etc, but please see the below in the meantime:

Development Donation Wallet

Exchange Listings Donation Wallet t1WFymzcfzUPttYExprMyt1RPtyHWkic1WV
204.5 ZER

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and again, it’s great to be a part of such a strong community.

Team Ƶero



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