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Jul 9, 2018 · 8 min read

Issue #12

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Welcome to issue №12 of the Zero Weekly Newsletter and our first fortnightly edition. Now that we have come so far with our deliverables in terms of wallets, exchange listings, and progress, we will maintain a fortnightly newsletter to keep the news and events fresh.

In terms of events over the last fortnight, we have had the final rounds of development on the Android wallet, history made with two MAC nodes livened up that will in turn service our iOS mobile wallet and MAC desktop swing wallet (yes, MAC desktop Swing Wallet! Final touches on this underway, and more details below), some advisers selected for the Zero from a legal and business development point of view, and an unexpected exchange listing.

With regards to wallets, Zero now has a wallet for each and every operating system available. Not a bad effort at all to complement our fully functioning real life use product being a privacy coin.

Quick recap on our wallets that are available, pending, and in development below:

  • Linux;
  • Windows;
  • Android Mobile Wallet;
  • Paper Wallet;
  • Arizen Wallet (final touches being made);
  • Very soon to be released iOS Mobile Wallet;
  • MAC Desktop Swing Wallet (just confirmed less than 24 hours ago!)

As always, thank you all for your continued support on Zero’s path to steady, organic growth, and we hope you enjoy the products being delivered that can attest to Zero’s current and future status in this realm.

For anyone interested in investing — please do your own research prior to committing to any project, and we ask you to please not blindly commit to a project because someone else told you to.

Let’s get into the details of what has been happening in the last two weeks.

Android Wallet

The Android wallet is now completed, and is being lodged with the Google Play Store for listing. You can still grab the native file from the beta testing channel as this is exactly the same as will be listed via Google. We expect this to be available this coming week as an official release via the Play Store, and is such a great achievement from the team for getting this one over the line and good to go.

We don’t have the confirmed date just yet from Google for the release, but again, if you do want the app, please join the beta testing channel on Telegram to grab yours straight away:

MAC Node, iOS, & MAC Swing Wallet

A bit of history in the making this week, with the first and second ever MAC nodes has been livened up by Cryptoforge and Rick, and ongoing testing is underway. This is quite an achievement in itself as these MAC nodes now support the network and allow the iOS Mobile Wallet and also MAC Swing Desktop Wallets to operate.

We do now have an Apple Dev account and will be listing our app through the App Store shortly, and we have confirmed yesterday during out weekly meeting that we now also have a MAC Swing Wallet for desktop for all of you MAC users out there.

We just need to complete some rounds of testing and final bits and pieces with the Apple wallets, so we expect that in the next two weeks that these last two wallet deliverables will be officially released (pending any issues with the App Store, or beta testing).

Arizen Wallet

We expect to carry out the beta testing on the Arizen wallet shortly, and will again keep everyone up to date with this as we go. This wallet, along with iOS Mobile Wallets, and MAC Swing Wallets will be the last of the Zero wallets to be released in the near future.

Fork & General / Development Funding

Now that the best part of the wallets are compiled, completed, and awaiting release, we now have more resources available to work on the fork and testnet etc which is great for each and every one of us.

In the next newsletter we will have a further update for you, which is 23 July, and the team will tirelessly apply their effort to getting this next step over the line.

Thank you for your patience on this one, after the fork, work then starts on Z-DEX, and also setting the wheels in motion for Z-Fest / Z-Estival.

For new investors, or new comers in general, we have retained the below details of the fork for your information:

Recap of the new finite features with the upcoming fork:

  • Finite Supply Figures 17,000,000 ZER
  • First Block Halving Block 800,000
  • First Block Halving Date June 03 2020
  • Subsequent Halving’s Every 800,000 blocks (approx. 3 years)
  • Revised Block Reward 10.8 ZER
  • Development Fund Details 0.8 ZER / Block (~7.5%)
  • Development Fund Breakdown -
    (Per Block)
    0.3 Exchange Funding & Marketing;

    0.3 Development;
    0.2 General;
    Development Fund Total 0.8 ZER / Block


Please note that the AMD miner is still in development, LolMiner is still working away on this, and we will be able to advise as we know more. We are so eager to get an updated AMD miner out, and would really like to take the opportunity to thank LolMiner for his ongoing efforts to date and beyond on Zero!

You can now also mine Zero at Head on over to their website for further information.

Advisers & Partnerships

We have announced in the last two weeks that we now have some new advisers for the Zero Team, and we are also in talks of a partnership with a subsidiary of a technology company. We’ll keep you in the loop with any partnerships as we go, but wanted to be transparent in letting everyone know that this was occurring in the background.

With regard to advisers, we would like to welcome George @Gndvdam who will assist with securing partnerships and also offer business development support for present and future use cased for Zero.

If you do see George around in the Telegram chat, please say hello.

We also welcome David Chung from Creo Legal, who is an Australian based lawyer who specialises in cryptocurrencies. David will be instrumental in present & future cases of applying for larger exchanges who need letters from lawyers advising their opinion that the coin / token applying to be listed on their exchange is not a security.

Also as a note, if you have any suggestions of partnerships or advisers who can assist Zero, please do let us know.

Marketing / Integrations

General Marketing

Probably the only discipline that does require funding in order to fully capitalize, is marketing. Technical development, business development, administrative tasks etc can all be done by volunteers, but marketing has been the topic that definitely is associated with handing out of funds.

We have had some great contacts made on the email account from people who want to write articles on Zero, and we really look forward to working with them in the future. There is costs associated with these articles, but we can discuss that further down the track.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as we will shortly have the funding required to facilitate marketing shortly, and with the technical side of things well underway, marketing will complement us all round in good time.

Guerrilla Marketing

We can see that the guerrilla marketing phase being undertaken by some key Zero community members is really starting to take effect, and is no doubt the reason for the listing of Zero on UExchange.

We can really see a lot more interaction on Twitter of people mentioning Zero, and will no doubt be a lot more as our wallets are finalized, along with the fork date announced, and also implementation of the dev fund to allow Zero to really ramp up.


We are now live on Coinplan — head on over to check them out:

We have applied for (which you need to do to find out the next steps for listing), and now understand the full price to list with their platform. This is a hefty fee and we are after some feedback from the community as to what stores you would use if this was to go ahead. It opens the door to allowing Zero to be spent in a real world use case immediately, but just need to make sure it is a decent bang-for-buck opportunity.

Please note that we have not gone ahead with listing with them at all just yet due to the price, and need to carry out our due diligence first compared to the expenditure required to facilitate the opportunity to utilise this platform.

Social Media updates — the numbers

  • Twitter — 3,066 followers
  • Telegram — 1,214 members
  • Discord — 524 members

Also check out our dedicated community page per the below link:

Listings on Exchanges

We have been unexpectedly listed on UExchange, which is a decentralized exchange that is really brand new. We didn’t ask to be listed on the exchange, and we were advised that we were selected, so again, thanks to the guerrilla marketing guys who have been well and truly cracking on to get our name out there.

Now, we fully understand if you aren’t comfortable with sending your funds to an exchange this young, and every exchange helps. For those of you playing at home, we are now listed on the following exchanges:

  • Cryptopia;
  • Trade Satoshi;
  • Barterdex;
  • Qiex;
  • Crex 24;
  • Digital Price;
  • Bisq (in progress);
  • UExchange


Post fork we will be able to commence the locking in of pay-to-list exchanges, and we are super excited for this next phase of works.


Thank you again to anyone who has been kind enough to have donated to our cause. We really do appreciate what the community has offered us as part of the community takeover.

The wallets below now have the total amount of ZER listed in each respective one to keep you updated.

We will have published the below addresses for donations very soon on the website, official announcements, Twitter etc, but please see the below in the meantime:

Development Donation Wallet

2070 ZER

Exchange Listings Donation Wallet

204.5 ZER

General Donation Wallet

12.00 ZER

Please feel free to continue to donate to our addresses, as every little bit helps!

If we do not spend the community donations up to the implementation of the dev fund, we will, so long as the addresses that sent the ZER were not shielded, refund these amounts back to the rightful owners.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and again, it’s great to be a part of such a strong community.

Team Ƶero

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“Your Transactions Are Your Business”

Zero Currency

Written by



“Your Transactions Are Your Business”

Zero Currency

Written by



“Your Transactions Are Your Business”

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