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NFT Ticketing Solution

Welcome to the modern world of ticketing, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ticket. NFT tickets are minted on a blockchain for the ultimate in security and authenticity for your ticketing needs.

It’s early, but it’s happening. This year the renowned French Football League’s Paris Saint Germain (PSG) will sell some tickets as NFTs for their first tour of Japan in 27 years! Premium NFT tickets for each match will start at 180 ETH while the less expensive commemorative NFTs will feature videos and pictures from the tour. The NFL is also getting into it with commemorative NFTs. While they aren’t actual tickets, it’s a good start.

Digital ticketing is becoming a memorable and sought after way to create unique and memorable souvenirs from your favorite events while also providing the infrastructure for full blown ticketing.

Ticketing has progressed from the old days of paper printed tickets, to QR codes saved on a cell phone, and now to NFTs which enables traceable, authentic digital tickets with the added bonus of a tradeable forever memory.

Advantages of NFT Ticketing

NFT ticketing has many advantages over legacy ticketing companies and solutions.

  • Lower cost to the event creator. Tickets can be made for next to nothing and can begin selling immediately.
  • Proof of ownership. Blockchain records the initial sale to the final resale so you know the real owner in real-time.
  • Fraud resistant. Cryptographically secure tickets ensure you can’t have counterfeits and two people can’t use the same ticket.
  • Built in secondary markets to let people sell their tickets.
  • Perpetual revenue for artists and event producers via royalties. A royalty percentage can be set when creating the tickets so that every time a ticket is resold, a percentage of that sale goes back to artist/producer. Unlike legacy ticketing where all that money goes to the marketplace.
  • Create unique art for your tickets to give your ticket holders something special to save forever, memorialized on blockchain.
  • NFT ticketing showcases the of blockchain to an entirely new audience and brings crypto into people’s everyday lives.

Much Lower Fees Versus Legacy Ticketing

The Zeromint Ticketing Solution is a cost effective platform to create, showcase and sell NFT tickets for your next event. Zeromint is upfront with all fees and the fees are less than 5%, unlike legacy ticketing companies like TicketMaster and Stub Hub which charge an average of 27% in fees! In some cases TicketMaster charges more in fees than the cost of the actual ticket!

Zeromint Features and Benefits

Zeromint Ticketing is a complete ticketing solution enabling event producers to create, sell and redeem tickets.

  • Self serve option to create and sell tickets in minutes.
  • If you need help, our success team can help you design, create and put your tickets up for sale.
  • Buyers can purchase tickets with credit cards and cryptocurrency.
  • Unique-per-ticket, randomly generated option is available which gives every buyer a completely unique ticket! Think Bored Ape Yacht Club where every ticket is a 1-of-1 piece of art.
  • Royalties can be taken on all secondary sales.
  • Event supervisors only need their phone to scan, validate and redeem tickets, no special equipment is required.
  • Mint on your choice of blockchain (each has their own pros and cons).

For those of you concerned with your carbon footprint, you can mint on GoChain which is a super green blockchain run by many global non-profits such as Conservation International.

How it works

This is a high level overview of how it works. On the day of the event, the buyer can open his/her NFT ticket and it will display a QR code with a randomly generated, time limited, unique key that ensures ONLY that person can use the ticket.

At the door of the event, the gatekeepers simply scan the QR code with their camera or from within the Zeromint app. This will open a page allowing them to verify that the ticket is valid, if and when it’s been used before and optionally other information such as the person’s name.

The gatekeeper can then click “Use Ticket” to mark the ticket as redeemed.

Choose NFT Ticketing for your next Event!

NFT tickets are the next wave that will help ease the marketplace, create a fair buying and selling environment, and build forever memories locked on a secure blockchain.

If you would like to try the Zeromint Ticketing Solution for your next ticketing event, contact us for early access and to make your next event memorable.




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