Array of Awesome Reads #3(People In Technology)

Curated List of reads that are interesting, informative or inspirational. Or all of them at once.

This week we list articles focusing on three interesting (and inspiring) people in the field of technology.

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Ev Williams has “been there, done that”.

Of all the American internet industry’s critical events (other than that fateful night in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room), odds are good that Williams was there or knew someone present.

He co-founded Blogger, Twitter and Medium! (among other things).

His startups have nearly all specialized in the same abstract medium: text boxes. He has dotted the web with these text boxes, and people have poured their souls into them, have argued and wept and whispered into them. Millions of people have had their worldview shaped by these text boxes, and the boxes themselves have, in turn, changed the Internet.

And he’s not stopping anytime soon. He’s on a mission to sort out the broken state of the open web.

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From a kid who nearly died, to becoming the CTO of one of the World’s largest companies, the story of Thuan Pham is an inspiration to not only immigrants in a foreign land, but to everyone looking to make a difference and live a meaningful life.

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The journey of Marques Brownlee a.k.a MKBHD is a remarkable one.

Marques Brownlee has become an internet celebrity and earned the label of “best technology reviewer on the planet,” but the 22-year-old’s video creations haven’t just shaped his own image: They’ve helped legitimize the entire tech community on YouTube and redefine what life on the platform can be.

And well, it’s been a steady climb built on hard-work and consistency.

“Imagine a piece of paper,” Brownlee says, making a rectangle with his hands. “It’s blue on one side and it’s yellow on the other side, and there’s a gradient from blue to yellow. How the fuck did it get to yellow? When was the first yellow point? … It’s been all of these things and then just yellow, 3.5 million subscribers. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s yellow now. I love it.”

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