Balance is a precarious thing. An extra ounce of weight on a side or the other the house of cards tumble.

While absence of love may augur the emergency to mend or make ways, too much of love kills the fun in a relation. Prolonged wall punching, if it doesn’t break your knuckles some day during practice, will render them hard enough to disfigure an opponent’s beautiful face in a couple of punches. While unrestrained merry making ends up in regrets, life without celebration doesn’t take you any farther than regrets. Sarcasm, now and then, is a welcome respite in otherwise dull life, too much of it becomes personal. Too much of the sun burns even in unsparing winters.

Too many cooks spoil the meal, even one less make their absence felt. While a balanced glass of vodka exudes class, a little too much marks the birth of an infamous drunkard. Speak little to the kids of the expectations they should meet you make them confident. Be garrulous about the heft of dreams pinned on them, their legs tremble.

So where do we draw the line between too much and not enough? Unfortunately the author is too naïve to figure this out but one thing that the author has figured out is that it is a matter of trial and error, of rewards and punishment. Life is going to teach us so many things. Stumble. Enjoy the process. Live.