Dear you…

To you. Yes. You.

Maybe we’ve crossed paths, maybe we’ve not. Maybe I saw you across the street and smiled, maybe I did not. Maybe we met at the roadside surprisingly, embraced and talked for hours; maybe we simply smiled, said ‘hi!’ and walked away. Maybe I see you so often that your absence makes me restless, maybe I see you everyday but we’ve never once talked. Maybe we’ve shared our collection of favourite books, our uncanny jokes, our aspirations, our deep insightful wisdom; maybe we’ve simply remained facebook friends who like each other’s pictures and react once in a while. Maybe we’ve remained in contact even after all these years, maybe we slowly drifted apart and now simply smile and remember our memories when we appear on each other’s newsfeed. Maybe I had a crush on you and was too shy to act, maybe you had a crush on me and was too shy to act. Maybe we had a fight but patched up like nothing happened, maybe we had a fight and became lifelong rivals. Maybe you’ve had an impact on me so strong it changed me, maybe you’ve remained a mere passer-by in my journey called life.

Whoever you are, you’ve been a part of my life. However small or large, you’ve made a difference in me. Every person I’ve encountered has had an impression on me, stirred a thought in me, aroused an emotion inside of me. However minor or major it might have been, it was not insignificant. I was moved by it and with a chronology of many such events and many such encounters, I have become the person I am today. However memorable or regretful our meet was, you did give me either a memory or a lesson, and both of them have made me a better human, a wise and considerate one.

Henceforth, I acknowledge your presence in my life and in the world. You might call it a coincidence that you and I have come to live in this world at the same time and out of seven billion people, you and I got to meet, but I call it destiny. You had a lesson to teach me, a memory to gift me or merely a thought to foster in me, but every bit of it has altered the path of my life, and it has definitely been for the good. Bitter or sweet, however you’ve treated me, I respect your conduct because your action must surely have been a result of my agitation. You have been a part of my evolution, and I respect and acknowledge your influence in it. You have been important to me and I thank you for being there in my life.

As Buddha said, one moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world. You have given me that moment. Thank you.