In pictures : Locus 2016 (Part II)

With the start of many pre-events, the 14th National Technological Festival, Locus 2017, is well under its way. The main event will be held from 9–11 February, 2017 at IOE, Pulchowk Campus.

As it is just right around the corner , we take a moment to look back at some moments from the last time it was held. Have a look at some of the photos clicked during Locus 2016.

Photos by : Saroj Niraula, Saujanya Acharya, Sandesh Pandey

It has started!!! The opening ceremony for the three-day exhibition was held at the ICT building on 1st of July.
Deputy Prime and Energy Minister, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, the chief guest for the opening ceremony, launching the IOE Pulchowk Undergrad magazine, Zerone.
Entries for the Photography Competition put up for Exhibition. Photos from three categories (Earthquake, Landscape and Abstract) were displayed.
This machine was a good artist. And Spiderman agrees!
Electrical Club was electrifying…
Look at all the crowd! The three day event attracts visitors from many walks of life and occupation.
Through a photographers’ perspective. On the screen : Co-ordinator of Locus 2016, Bimal Paneru, delivering speech during the closing ceremony.
Everybody loves receiving tokens
And prizes!! Everybody wants to get one..
The Locus 2016 Committee members. Ending the event with a good group photo.
Lets sing!! A musical event after the closing ceremony.. An Icing to the Cake, eh ?

Stay tuned for more.. (Part 3)

And be ready for Locus 2017. Everybody’s invited… !!!

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