Locus 2017 presents Zerone Online Article Writing Competition

The competition will start form 15th of January and will continue for five days till 20th of January. The entire competition will take place online, in the medium publication of zerone magazine. 
The categories on which the participants can write are:
1. Science Fiction 
2. Technology
3. Prose
(rhythmic or non-rhythmic literature; monologue; basically any random writing)

To participate, follow these steps:
1. Create a medium account
2. Follow the publication ‘zerone magazine’ :
3. Fill this google form:
4. Write your article and publish it in your own medium profile. Add the tags: ‘blogging competition’ and ‘category_name’ plus any three tags of your choice. 
5. Scroll to the bottom of your article and you will see this menu. In the menu there is an option ‘Add to publication’

6. Choose ‘zerone-magazine’ from the options. Now your article will be submitted as a draft to the zerone-magazine blog
7. After checking the validity of your submission, your article will be published

Judging will be done by the editorial board on the basis of content quality, views, likes, shares and comments on your article.

Note: Your article may fall into two or more of the aforementioned categories. It is up to you to select one. You can participate only under one category. Any form of literature (story/ article/ poem) is appreciated.

Few Ground rules:
1. One participant can only submit one article. You can submit article at any time from Jan 15 — Jan 20
2. Submission of previously published articles is forbidden. 
3. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. If the article is found to be copied from any external source then, the participant will be disqualified.
4. Direct or indirect advertisement of a particular company or profitable organization within the article is strictly prohibited.
5. You are allowed to attach images or videos within your article.

The winners will be announced on 25th January and the prize distribution will take place during Locus ceremony. The winners of each category will be awarded with handsome prize money.

For more information on locus visit:
or visit the facebook page:
The winners’ articles will also be featured in the printed form of Zerone magazine, which will be released during the Locus Ceremony.

Any queries? Do comment or send an email to