Regards To My Best Friend

I hope,
someday, when we’re withered and rusty,
worlds apart,
or right up the alley,
you’ll find me.
You’ll find me in your thoughts,
you’ll find me in your smile,
you’ll find me in your heart,
like I will.

My friend, please know,
I’ll cherish you till I die.
I’ll cherish our laughs, our winks, our uncanny metaphors,
deep in my heart, they’ll stay.
Even if life parts us,
I promise, 
I’ll follow the lessons you taught.
The strength you’ve filled me with,
will forever keep you with me.

I hope you break new grounds,
and reach the heights you wish,
and proudly I may say,
he’s my friend, 
since eighteen.

Zerone is an undergrad publication at I.O.E, Pulchowk focusing on People (their creative side, their thoughts, their lives) and Technology (the new, the old, everything).

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