The Book

It was not a bad day to start the book that I had left unfolded for 7 years. The sky was showering. The sprinkle of the little water droplets were swept away by the wind and moistened my face like a soothing cream that I apply every night. No wonder it was a beautiful day for someone like me, who enjoyed watching the rain drops fall like a shining pearl while trying to see just straight above.

I searched for the book in the rack among all my course books. It laid in one of the corners where I never looked though. I pulled it out and blew the dust from the book and swiftly flipped the pages. Most of the pages were eaten by the moth and it smelled old. As old as I have been since I got it. As old as he has been since he left. As old as our love. As old as the picture hung on the wall where he looked bold and handsome and I looked pretty in his arms.

I gently threw the book on the study table and looked outside the window which brought all the blurred memories back to life.

He was looking perfect in black suit and white shirt. He looked like the man I always wanted in my life. I could see how glad he was to have me. He always made sure that he lived his little time with me to the fullest. He loved me like he never loved anybody. He was my angel and my star. And now, I see him among the billions of stars in the sky shining like his little eyes shone when he looked at me with love.

He had a girl who he usually talked about but never brought her home. One day, he said that he was going to call her for dinner and asked me to get ready. I could see how excited he was for the night. He was probably going to propose her which he always wanted to do. He had been planning for that day since very long. But I was not ready for the night. Perhaps I didn’t want him to give my part of love to her. Yet I wanted to see him happy.

A gust of wind blew and the bang of the window brought me out of the day dream to the reality that stood right in front of me. She was across the road holding an umbrella in one hand and a bag in the other and trying to cross the road. I ran down with a slight smile in my face and opened the gate for her.

She wished me happy birthday with another big book which she took out from her bag. I exclaimed in surprise, “ Oh! Thank you so much. This is the book I was telling you about. You are the best Mom in the world”, and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

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