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Hey you! Stop scrolling your news feed! I’m talking to you! Now listen:

I, the brand ambassador of UN-SOCIAL MEDIA, hereby welcome you to the 21st century, where clicking photos of accident and going live in facebook is more important than saving someone’s life, where losing facebook account is more painful than losing your property, where you chat with everyone but ignore the same person in real life, where you post a long status regarding MENSTRUATION, but hesitate to buy a SANITARY PAD for your mom, where 1k, 2k, 3k followers in instagram is important than your own family, and I just wanted to tell you that only your family will be outside the ICU room praying for you, not those 1k,2k, 3k followers, not even ME!

I’m a boy, who spent the childhood with marbles, wrestling cards and SPIDERMAN slippers. I miss the watery nose of mine, I miss the scratches and cuts on knees and elbow everytime I played football barefooted, I miss my plumpest friend who was forced to be a goalie. Moreover, I miss the ORANGE BALL, IMLI BOMB, which were the ferrero rocher of that time along with the 10 rupees BEN TEN watch. And, in the name of game, all I knew was a snake game in the old nokia keypad cellphone which I could play only when my dad went to the bathroom.

I’m proud.

Yes, I’m proud that I enjoyed winning arguements with myself in the bathroom and appreciate the clap from shampoo bottles rather than using facebook and instagram even while using the toilet.

I’m proud that I urged my mum to get me a toy gun on my twelfth birthday rather than the latest version of I-phone.

I’m proud that I got beaten by my mum and scared to tell anything to my dad, rather than threatening parents by the word SUICIDE.

I’m proud that I got to experience the fun of peeking through the window of our neighbors on every sunday evening to watch MOOMIN, rather than watching stories on instagram, whatsapp and facebook.

I’m proud that I spent my childhood with these kind of memories rather than straining my eyes infront of smartphones, using facebook, instagram, whatsapp, snapchat and all.

Let me tell you a secret. I’m a BLOCKHEAD, who watched the movie 2012 and backpacked to prepare for the destruction of the world.

Now, the time has changed. Social media have taken over the world, and has even helped people get the news faster, and ignore the same old postman. A mom, who breastfed her baby, now hires a babysitter, just to scroll feed on facebook. Uncles, who used to read newspaper in the morning are now busy uploading awkward selfies. We have made social media our priority. Experiment a morning, unfold the newspaper with a cup of warm mom-made tea, with dad; maybe you’ll find your dad more intellectual than RONB, maybe you’ll relieve from your messages being left seen, maybe you’ll find delights, brighter than the screen, maybe you’ll get your mood go green. Pause following the hashtag of visit nepal 2020 for a sec as this time you got to explore you visiting first! Now, I want to ask you some questions.

When was the last time you had a real chat with your neighbor? When was the last time you had a roadside tea with your friends? When was the last time you said, “ goodmorning mom, dad”? When was the last time you went to the toilet without using facebook on your phone? When was the last time you enjoyed the food with your family without posting it on social media? haha why have you shut your mouth?

We prefer sharing stories on Instagram rather that hearing STORIES from grandma. Our parents wanted us to celebrate new year’s eve with them at home, but we were busy having a countdown on social media. We prefer chatting onlnie rather than enjoying the moment with our parents. EVEN THE INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK STORIES LAST FOR 24 HOURS, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT YOUR PARENTS TO LAST FOREVER? So, live your best moment with your family, so that you can survive on the memories you’ve made with them.

Still not convinced? Okay, you aren’t convinced because half of your mind is occupied by “How many likes did I get on my photo?” and the other half by, “What shall I post on my story to impress that girl?”

Not funny?

Ohh! I can sense anger from you because I spitted out the truth. So, do you want a revenge? If you are brave enough, then accept my challenge,” 30 days without SOCIAL MEDIA”. You’ll feel the difference. There’s a lot more to explore outside the world of social media. Travel secretly, love secretly, live privately, be happy privately. SAYONARA!!



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